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Experience Pulse DC TIG Welding

Pulse DC TIG Welding

Get the clean, stacked dimes look you want and the quality and precision you need with pulse DC TIG welding. With inverter technology, pulsing helps novice welders gain essential skills, and master welders achieve new heights.

What is Pulse Welding?

Pulse welding is a variation of the traditional welding process that alternates between a high and low current, allowing the welder to vary the pulses per second based on the project, material, and desired result.

In traditional TIG welding, the machine is set to a max amperage and a remote amperage control is used to adjust its output, varying only slightly to add more or less heat. In pulse welding, the TIG torch delivers the output in bursts or pulses, instead of a stable amperage. This results in many benefits that can make your TIG welds more accurate, more visually appealing and make your welding tasks easier.

A person TIG welding using QuietPulse technology

Why Pulse?

Pulse DC welding has many advantages that can help welders of any skill level improve their TIG welds:


Increased travel speed


Reduced heat input/heat
affected zone (HAZ)


Ability to weld thinner
materials with less distortion


Helpful for welding in
difficult positions


Greater control over the
appearance of the finished weld


Ideal for TIG beginners looking to practice the rhythm of adding filler metal

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NEW! Tune Into the Weld

A person TIG welding with a Maxstar TIG welder

Pulse DC TIG welding is notoriously LOUD. Pulsing at a high pulses per second creates a distinctive “buzzing” sound that can be very distracting, especially in environments where there are multiple operators.

QuietPulse™ Technology turns down the volume on the distracting sound that comes with pulsing so you can tune into the weld and focus on the job at hand.


QuietPulse icon
QuietPulse™ is activated by changing the wave shape during DC pulse welding, creating a slower, more fluid transition between the background and peak amperage to create the least possible audible noise.

Maxstar 210, 280, 280 Multiprocess, 400 and 800 Series machines manufactured starting with serial number ND040985L and the new Dynasty 210, 300 and 300 Multiprocess machines have QuietPulse™. Any Maxstar machines manufactured prior to the serial number ND040985L can purchase the QuietPulse™ Expansion Memory Card (PN 301790).


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