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Millermatic® 142: The New Miller® MIG Welder. Professional Welds Made Easy.

No job is a small job. Every job deserves Miller quality. That’s why the new Millermatic 142 makes professional-quality MIG welds easy, even if you don’t weld every day. Our newest portable MIG welder is fast and simple to set up, has a high duty cycle and can run on generator power: everything you expect from a Miller MIG welder. Give every job you weld — no matter its size — pro-quality results with the Millermatic 142.
  • Easy to move
  • Easy to use
  • Versatile
  • Assembled in Appleton, WI
The Millermatic 142 MIG arc welder.

Easy To Move

Projects of all sizes can be in all places. The Millermatic 142 makes it easier for you to get professional-quality welds anywhere, because this portable MIG welder is light and easy to move.

Person in a workshop lifting the Millermatic 142 MIG flux welder.

It weighs less than 40 pounds, so you can move it without help.

Person in a workshop lifting the Millermatic 142 hobbyist welder.

Three ergonomic handles make it easy for you to carry the welder with one or two hands.


Easy To Use

You want professional-quality welds every time, even on the smallest projects. You can get great results with the Millermatic 142, because it makes setting the right weld parameters easy.

Millermatic 142 user interface showing MIG welding process parameters.

Auto-Set™ technology eliminates guesswork: Just set the wire diameter and material thickness; then you’re ready to weld.

Millermatic 142 small MIG welder on a workbench.

A digital segment display lets you easily fine-tune weld parameters, so they’re exactly where you want them.



You never know what size of welding project will come next, so you need a welder that’s versatile — like the Millermatic 142. It has a high duty cycle and delivers full output when powered by most generators, delivering the flexibility you need.

Welder flux-core welding metal tubing with the Millermatic 142 MIG welder for beginners.

Its rated output of 100 amps at 60% duty cycle means you can spend more time welding, less time waiting.

Welder in an auto body shop welding a Corvette C2 with a Millermatic 142 portable MIG welder.

It delivers full output running on generator power of just 5,000 watts, so you can work almost anywhere.


Assembled in Appleton, Wisconsin

You can be confident in your Millermatic 142. This Miller MIG welder is assembled and supported in Appleton, Wisconsin, by members of the Miller team: dedicated, hardworking people from America’s heartland.

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