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New Millermatic® 355

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Welds a Wide Variety of Materials

Handles mild steel, stainless steel and aluminum with power and precision for great results on thick and thin materials.

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Easy to Use

Auto-Set™ Elite and a 7-inch LCD user interface make setup quick, simple and precise, so welders of all skill levels can get more work done.

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Welds in a Wide Variety of Work Environments

Works almost anywhere on single-or three-phase power. Easy to move, with an all-in-one design and integrated running gear.

See why the Millermatic® 355 could be the most versatile tool in your shop.


Osage Ambulances Testimonial

Osage Ambulances depends on the Millermatic 355 to manufacture custom emergency-response vehicles. See how this new MIG welder's advanced features help build high-quality ambulances that save lives.


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What consumables are supplied with the Millermatic 355?

  • The Millermatic 355 models 907808 (Machine Only) and 951926 (Machine with Running Gear) come with Acculock™ S Consumables.

  • The Millermatic 355 model 951927 (Machine with Aluma Pro Package) comes with Fastip Consumables for the Aluma-Pro Push-Pull gun.

What material thicknesses can it handle?

The Millermatic 355 can weld material from 22 gauge to 1/2-inch thick.

What’s the maximum output/duty cycle?

The maximum output is 400 amps on any three-phase power or on 460/575V single-phase power. On 208/240V single-phase power, the maximum output is 350 amps. On any power, the maximum duty cycle is 60% when welding at 310 amps.

Can it pulse MIG?

Yes. The Millermatic 355 can pulse MIG weld for better results on stainless steel, less risk of distortion or burn-through on thin metal, and reduced spatter on all materials.

What kind of guns can I use with it?

MIG, spool and all Miller® 10-pin push/pull guns, as well as competitive Python® push/pull guns.

Python is a registered trademark of M.K. Products, Inc.

What kind of wire feeder does it have?

The Millermatic 355 has an industrial, four-drive-roll wire-feed system, ensuring consistently smooth delivery of all wire types and diameters at all speeds.

What makes it easy for entry-level welders to use?

  • Auto-Set™ Elite makes it quick and simple for entry-level welders to select the right parameters.
  • A 7-inch LCD user interface clearly shows weld settings and displays an electronic parameter chart, making settings easy to access, fine-tune and save.

How does it support my experienced welders?

  • Program Mode lets experienced welders save up to four frequently used weld processes in the machine. Each saved process can be recalled with the touch of a button, so there’s no need to dial them in manually.
  • Trigger Program Select lets experienced welders select any saved process at the weld joint by pulling the MIG gun’s trigger, so there’s no need to walk back to the power source.

What types of input power can it use?

The Millermatic 355 operates on single-phase or three-phase North American AC input power: 208, 240, 460 or 575 volts.