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See What You've
Been Missing

Miller® Helmet Lighting Accessory Kits

Increase Visibility in Low-Lit Environments

What if you could see your weld clearly in low-lit environments? Brighten dark work environments and improve safety and weld quality with the Miller-exclusive helmet lighting accessory.


Lightweight and compact

Attachable LED lights minimize weight, maximize brightness. Each light weighs only 2.5 ounces (including batteries), making the helmet lighting accessory comfortable to wear all day. The 5.5-inch lights and mounting arm attach directly to the headgear knob, keeping the system close to the helmet to easily see work in small, dark spaces. 

Secure and adjustable

Lights stay firmly in place when the hood is raised or lowered. Each light's angle can be easily adjusted to precisely illuminate workpieces.


Helmet Lighting Accessory Kit #282013

Welding helmet lighting accessory kit #282013
A perfect fit for most Miller welding helmets, including the MP-10™, Classic, Digital Performance™, Digital Elite™ and Digital Infinity™ Series. 

Helmet Lighting Accessory Kit #281361

Welding helmet lighting accessory kit #281361
Designed exclusively for T94™ Series welding helmets. (Does not fit other welding helmets.)

Compatible Helmets