Low-Spatter Welding Solutions - Put Down Your Grinder | MillerWelds

Stop Unnecessary Grinding

There’s a difference between necessary grinding for cleaning material, edge profile preparation or hiding a weld seam — and unnecessary grinding from spatter or weld defects. Eliminate unnecessary grinding and rework by:

  • Setting the correct parameters every time with EZ-Set technology.
  • Reducing spatter with Accu-Pulse™ pulsed MIG technology.
  • Adjusting your technique.

Contact Tip To Work Distance

Maintaining the right contact tip to work distance isn't always easy. Learn about the factors that impact it and the technology that can help.

Travel Speed

Learn how too-fast or too-slow travel speeds can cause weld problems — and how you can avoid them.

Work and Travel Angle

See the right work and travel angles to use so you can avoid weld problems.

Ready to move away from grinding? Move to a Deltaweld® system.