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Continuum™ Welding Systems

  • For hand-held and automated applications.
  • Advanced processes help welders of all skill levels get into production quicker.
  • Integrated Insight Welding Intelligence™ transforms weld data into actionable information, increasing productivity and reducing costs.

Easy to Use

  • Simple interface: allows for quicker training and setup.
  • Wider operating window: compensates for varying operator techniques, delivering better welds, less rework, more productivity.

Optimized Performance

Better results on thin, thick, mild and high-strength material.

  • Faster travel speeds
  • Reduced spatter
  • Proper heat input
  • Better compensation for poor part fit-up and better gap handling

Integrated Control

Turn weld data into actionable information.

  • Insight Core™: Standard. Simple, cloud-based solution reports basic weld parameters.
  • Insight Centerpoint™: Optional. Delivers real-time operator feedback to improve weld quality.

Versatile platform

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  • Complete range of welding processes included.
  • Simplify fleet management with a common weld platform for all applications.
  • Auto-Continuum™ systems are compatible with multiple robotic interfaces and brands.

Proven Reliability

  • 100% duty cycle for cooler-running components and longer, more reliable life.
  • Exclusive, longevity-extending advantages:
    Fan-On-Demand™ cooling and Wind Tunnel Technology™.
Continuum™ Advanced MIG Welders

For hand-held applications. Easy to set up and adjust with minimal training.

  • Continuum 350: 350A @ 100% duty cycle
  • Continuum 500: 500A @ 100% duty cycle

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Auto-Continuum™ Advanced MIG Welders

For automated applications. Compatible with multiple robotic interfaces/brands.

  • Auto-Continuum 350: 350A @ 100% duty cycle
  • Auto-Continuum 500: 500A @ 100% duty cycle

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