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Learn About Aluminum Welding

Whether you're new to aluminum welding or have been doing it for years, join Miller and Hobart specialists in the Shop Talk LIVE Aluminum Series! Get tips about the equipment, consumables and techniques you need to confidently weld aluminum all day.


Meet the welding pros who'll lead the aluminum Shop Talk LIVE events.

Get tips to confidently weld aluminum!

Past Live Stream Aluminum Videos

Miller Shop Talk Live Aluminum Series Beyond Basic Aluminum MIG

Join Kodi Welch and Chris Roehl as they cover pulse MIG, synergic control, some common equipment setup issues and more!

Miller Shop Talk Live Aluminum Series Aluminum Filler Metals

Learn the importance of choosing the right filler metal to weld aluminum.

Miller Shop Talk Live Aluminum Series TIG Welding Aluminum 101

Andrew Pfaller and James Veldhuis as they cover the basics of TIG welding aluminum – technique, machine settings, equipment selection and more.