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Learn About Aluminum Welding

Whether you're new to aluminum welding or have been doing it for years, join Miller and Hobart specialists in the Shop Talk LIVE Aluminum Series! Get tips about the equipment, consumables and techniques you need to confidently weld aluminum all day.

Meet the welding pros who'll lead the aluminum Shop Talk LIVE events. 

Get tips to confidently weld aluminum!

Past Live Stream Aluminum Videos

Miller Shop Talk Live Aluminum Series Motorsports Aluminum Welding

This livestream will cover common alloys and their uses, bending and fabrication, and filler metal recommendations.

Miller Shop Talk Live Aluminum Series Advanced TIG Aluminum

We'll talk about independent ac waveform control, gas selection, TIG welding Aluminum with DC TIG, and techniques for welding anodized aluminum.

Miller Shop Talk Live Aluminum Series Intermediate TIG Aluminum

Expand your aluminum TIG welding skills.