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Whether you're new to aluminum welding or have been doing it for years, you need to efficiently make strong, good-looking welds. Aluminum welding isn't difficult, it's just different — with the right equipment and consumables, you can confidently weld aluminum all day.

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Aluminum Welding Knowledge Center

When Preheating Before Welding, How to Choose the Right Equipment

Air-cooled cables, a new heating tool for induction, deliver flexibility and efficiency for welding preheat.
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TIG Welding Anodized Aluminum with Advanced AC TIG Waveform Controls Speeds Production for Birdsall Marine Design

Miller Dynasty® 350's superior arc shaping capabilities cut welding time by 50 percent, improve weld quality and efficiency for Florida fabricator. Advanced AC TIG controls help cut through anodized aluminum much easier than older TIG technology.
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Fan Manufacturer Standardizes on Pulsed MIG Welding for Aluminum

Pulsed MIG improves productivity, reduces reject rates and provides Greenheck with welding versatility not possible with older technology.
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Aerospace Fabricator Reduces Power Draw, Improves Weld Performance with New Fleet of AC/DC TIG Welding Inverters

Ace Clearwater Enterprises, specialists in complex formed and welded assemblies for the aerospace and power generation industries, improved energy efficiency and weld performance by replacing a fleet of 23 transformer-based TIG welders with brand new AC/DC TIG inverters.
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New Advanced Aluminum Welding System Spurs Production on Bollinger Shipyard's U.S. Coast Guard Fast Response Cutter (FRC) Contract

Before any of the U.S. Coast Guard’s Fast Response Cutter (FRC) patrol boats hit open water, they begin their journey up 60 miles of waterway through Bayou Lafourche in Lockport, La. That’s where Bollinger Shipyards builds the Coast Guard’s newest vessel for conducting search and rescue, drug and illegal immigrant interdiction, homeland security and mainland defense.
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Jimmy Shine Builds on Southern California Hot Rod Tradition

Jimmy Shine is a talented fabricator and hot rodder who relies on Miller equipment to get the job done.
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Marine Hardware Manufacturer Reduces Welding Rework on Anodized Aluminum

G.G. Schmitt & Sons saves time and money with Dynasty® 400 TIG welders, cutting hours of rework on some parts.
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Truck Equipment Manufacturer Improves Employee Comfort and Performance with Powered Air Purifying Respirators

A change to Miller® Powered Air Purifying Respirators helped increase comfort and productivity for Reading Truck Body employees.
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Chandler Equipment Gains Unexpected Benefits from Fume Extractors, Years After Installation

Arkansas-based Chandler Equipment continues to reduce maintenance time and costs with its FILTAIR® centralized fume extractions systems from Miller. Two and a half years have passed since investing in the systems and the company still hasn't needed to change the filters — plus they continue to experience significant fume reduction. 
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Georgia Machine Shop Triples Deposition Rate with Submerged Arc System and Metal-Cored Wire

Seeking greater productivity and efficiency, especially on larger weld build-up jobs that could take days or even weeks to complete, Capital City Machine Shop knew it needed a new submerged arc welding (SAW) solution. Capital City’s investment in two SubArc AC/DC 1000 Digital welding power sources, coupled with a switch to Hobart® metal-cored wire, resulted in productivity increases of 240 percent...
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Out Back Aluminum Welding Relies on Versatility of Miller Dynasty 280 DX

Welding is a family passion for Garry and Darryll Euler. Garry remembers learning the trade from his father when he was just 13. Now, Garry runs Out Back Aluminum Welding with his son, Darryll.
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PipeWorx 400 Welding System Improves Manufacturer’s Productivity 50 Percent

A switch to Regulated Metal Deposition (RMD®) helped Sigma Thermal increase productivity while maintaining high weld quality.
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At Pure Vision, the cars and people are anything but ordinary

Located in Simi Valley, Calif., has become a world-renowned street machine fabrication shop. Pure Vision cars have a very signature concept and build style that can be described as simple, straightforward and well-detailed. People just seem to know when it’s a Pure Vision original.
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Off-Road Warriors: Camburg Engineering Does it All

Owned and operated by friends Jerry Zaiden and Jason Campbell, Camburg Engineering is a leader in off-road suspension systems and is at the forefront in technology and design. With a shop over 10,000 square feet, Camburg is one of few off-road companies with the manufacturing capabilities to produce their own suspension components in-house as well as build their KINETIK race trucks from the ground...
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Stroud's Custom Classics: From Cars to Bars

Custom builder Bodie Stroud owns and operates BS Industries in Sun Valley, California. Known for making major changes in a subtle way, Stroud incorporates his vision and style along with modern technologies into a vehicle for a more comfortable ride. His shop specializes in anything pre-1970s — from a stock restoration to the “completely wild” ’63 Ford Galaxy he’ll bring to the SEMA show in the...
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Osage Ambulances Uses Pulsed MIG Welding To Build Life-Saving Emergency Equipment

The Millermatic® 355 with pulsed MIG capabilities allowed Osage Ambulances to increase productivity and maintain high quality.
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A Family Bonded by Welding

Mike Fontes began teaching his daughter Kory Fontes to weld when she was about 10 years old. The family was raising lambs and needed to build a pen. Now the father-daughter duo work side by side teaching the next generation of welders as instructors at Cuesta College, which has a main campus in San Luis Obispo, California, and satellite branches in Paso Robles and Arroyo Grande.
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Advanced Multiprocess Welding More Than Doubles Oilfield Contractor's Production on Code-Quality Welds

For some companies, finding an industry niche is the key to success. For others, diversity drives business. Sturgeon Service International (SSI) is in the unique position to say it focuses on a bit of both. The company has established the bulk of its business as a full service, "one stop shop" for oilfield projects, but is also as a premier provider of commercial, industrial, agricultural and...
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Submerged Arc Welding Gantry System Makes Crane Fabrication 4 to 5 Times Faster

An automated gantry system with submerged arc welding saves up to 15 hours on each overhead crane build for WF Steel & Crane.
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Shipbuilder Improves Quality Productivity with TIG Welders

Louisiana-based shipbuilder relies on the Dynasty® 400 TIG welders to meet customer deadlines and quality demands.
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Aluminum Jet Boat Manufacturer Turns to Pulsed MIG to Keep Boat Production at Full Throttle

Smoky Mountain Jet Boats is known as a top-line manufacturer of aluminum jet boats that thrill riders in water as shallow as 4 inches. The boats are made to Coast Guard specs but wouldn't be profitable or even possible without Pulsed MIG welding.
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Multi-Operator XMT® 350 Inverter Racks, SuitCase™ Wire Feeders Save Big Money at Dakota Creek Shipyard

By switching to multi-operator, multi-process inverter racks and suitcase-style wire feeders from Miller Electric Mfg. Co., Dakota Creek Industries substantially lowered labor costs associated with switching welding leads and reduced the strain on its workforce.
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Ability to Send Welding Parameter Commands through the Weld Cable Eliminates Costly Control Cables, Wasted Time in Construction, Shipbuilding

New ArcReach welding technology sends voltage setting commands through the weld cable and eliminates the need for an extra control cable.
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Lean Manufacturing Techniques Produce Fat Returns for Todd Pacific Shipyards

As part of company's effort to adopt "5s" lean manufacturing principles, Todd Pacific Shipyard took stock of its welding technology and traded older, larger, and inefficient welding equipment for compact, efficient new inverters and wire feeders from Miller Electric Mfg. Co. As a result, it has saved space, energy and rework time.
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Apex Steel Saves up to Two Hours Per Welder Every Day With Remote Control Technology

Structural steel contractor improves productivity and jobsite safety with Miller® ArcReach® technology.
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Syncrowave® TIG Welders: Set Processes and Parameters

See every step needed to set processes and parameters on your new Syncrowave TIG welding power source — so you can get welding!

Syncrowave® TIG Welders: General Setup Steps

See every step needed to unbox your new Syncrowave TIG welding power source, finalize its assembly and get it ready to power on.

Syncrowave® 300 and 400 TIG Welding Power Sources

Outdated equipment holds your operation back. Get current with Miller® Syncrowave® 300 and 400 TIG welding power sources!

Welding Aluminum With the Dynasty 280 DX Multiprocess Welder

When welding aluminum, follow these tips to set up your Dynasty 280 DX Multiprocess using an ArcReach SuitCase 12 feeder.

Miller Dynasty TIG Welding Power Sources: No Compromises

Miller Dynasty TIG welding power sources have versatile operating parameters for strong, precise, beautiful welds.

Get Current: New Syncrowave® TIG Welding Power Sources

Get current with a new Miller® Syncrowave® machine. Reduce training time and expenses; get more productivity and better welds.

Dedicated Aluminum Welding Systems Minimize Quality Issues

A dedicated aluminum welder, like a Millermatic 350P Aluminum or AlumaFeed can reduce quality risks, and reduce cleanup.

PAR Racing Engines Repairs Engine Block with Dynasty 350 TIG Welder

Miller's Andy Weyenberg and Scott Duggins, PAR Racing Engines, repair an engine block and recommend Dynasty 350 settings for aluminum welding.

Cotati Speed Shop - Miller Use Diversion™ 180 to Create Aluminum Air Pan for '48 F1 Ford Pickup

Miller product manager John Swartz shares TIG welding techniques as he works on an aluminum air pan from Santa Rosa, Calif.-based Cotati Speed Shop.

Chris Razor Discusses Advanced AC TIG Welding Controls on Aluminum

Chris of Hi-Tech Welding shows advanced AC controls for welding aluminum, including independent amperage control, balance and frequency.

Welding in Tight Spaces on ’32 Euro Coupe using Miller Weld-Mask and Diversion 180

Hollywood Hot Rods fabricator Sean welds in tight spaces on a ’32 Euro Coupe. For the project, he relied on the Diversion 180 TIG welder.

Benefits of frequency adjustment on aluminum using the Miller Dynasty 200 DX TIG welder

Miller Marketing Manager John and Pure Vision fabricator Aaron Cranford discuss modifications to the radiator in the Pure Vision TT Camaro.

Miller Multimatic 215 MIG (GMAW) Welding Aluminum Setup

Watch for step-by-step instructions on how to set up the Miller® Multimatic™ 215 for MIG (GMAW) welding aluminum.

Dynasty 280 and Weldcraft Torch Provide Versatility for Aluminum Boat Repairs

Out Back Aluminum Welding relies on the Dynasty 280 DX TIG/Stick welder to gain flexibility and portability for TIG welding on boats — in the shop or at the marina.

Miller Multimatic 215 Setup for Stick Welding

Watch for step-by-step instructions on how to set up your Miller® Multimatic™ 215 for stick welding.

Miller Multimatic 215 TIG (GTAW) Lift-Arc Remote Setup

Watch for step-by-step instructions on how to set up the Miller® Multimatic™ 215 for Lift-Arc TIG (GTAW) using remote.

Miller Multimatic 215 Multiprocess Welder Setup

Watch for step-by-step instructions for setting up and operating your Multimatic 215, and suggestions for correct gas and consumable usage.

Miller Multimatic 215 Spoolgun Calibration Procedure

Watch for step-by-step instructions on how to complete the Multimatic™ 215 spoolgun calibration procedure.

Miller Multimatic 215 Lift-Arc TIG (GTAW) Welding Setup

Watch for step-by-step instructions on how to set up the Miller® Multimatic™ 215 in Lift-Arc TIG (GTAW) welding mode.

Miller Multimatic 215 Flux-Cored (FCAW) Welding Setup

Watch for step-by-step instructions on how to set up the Miller® Multimatic™ 215 for flux-cored (FCAW) welding.

DIY Welding Project: Roll Cage Clamp System

Follow these step-by-step instructions to create custom locking pliers using your multiprocess welder.

How to MIG Weld Aluminum with the Multimatic 220 AC/DC

Setting up you Multimatic 220 AC/DC to MIG weld aluminum is easy. Follow these steps to get started.

G.G. Schmitt Reduces Rework by 10% With Dynasty Welders

With the marine industry booming, see how hardware manufacturer G.G. Schmitt & Sons reduces rework and cuts welding time.

Dynasty® 210 Product Overview

Miller’s Dynasty® 210 is a portable AC/DC TIG and stick capable power source rated for ¼” thick material.

Maxstar® 161 Product Overview

The Maxstar® 161 offers three models, all with a digital meter and each weighing only 13 pounds!

Miller Preheating Technology for Roll-Welded Pipe Increases Quality, Productivity and Safety

Gaining consistency in preheating rolled pipe, or flat plate or seam welds, without the hassle and hazards of open flames, increases safety and efficiency.

H&W Pacific Emergency Vehicle Group Updates Shop with Versatile Welding Equipment from Miller

H&W decided an update in welding equipment was needed to keep up with growing demand for aluminum and stainless materials.

H&W Operators Find Invision Welding System User Friendly with Better Arc Control

H&W Pacific Emergency Vehicle Group uses Invision 352 MPa Plus to increase productivity thanks to more control and longer leads.

Rick's Restoration Relies on Miller Pro-Set Feature

Tyler Dale and the rest of the team at Rick’s Restoration utilizes the Pro-Set™ feature on their Miller® TIG welders in the shop.

TIG Welding Aluminum Tanks with the Miller Syncrowave 210

Andy Weyenberg and Joe Constance of Joes Racing Products use the Syncrowave 210 TIG welder to fabricate custom aluminum tanks.

Miller TIG Welders Deliver Best Arc for Manufacturer

Fort Defiance Industries manufactures critical medical devices for the U.S. military with the help of Miller Dynasty® machines.

K-zell Metals and the AlumaFeed Synergic Aluminum Welding System

K-zell Metals relies on Miller's AlumaFeed Synergic System for welding aluminum components. Benefits are excellent arc starts and aesthetics.

Fort Defiance Industries Relies on Miller Dynasty Machines

The Miller® Dynasty® machines used by Fort Defiance Industries provide capabilities for a dynamic manufacturing environment.

Smoky Mountain Jet Boat Built with Pulsed MIG Technology

Jet Boats is building aluminum in the mountain woods, using Miller's latest Pulsed MIG technology to ride the wave of boat orders.

Miller's Aluminum Welding System Helps Metal Shark Aluminum Boats

Metal Shark increased efficiency, doubled production and cut welding time in half by using Miller's aluminum welding system.

Miller Spoolmate 100 MIG Gun for Welding Aluminum

The Spoolmate 100 is the economical and versatile solution for welding aluminum with your Millermatic, handling 4043 alloy and 0.30 to 0.35 aluminum wire.

How to Create a Money Clip with the Miller Dynasty 210 DX TIG Welder

Josh Welton of Brown Dog Welding demonstrates how to create a money clip using the Dynasty® 210 DX TIG welder.

Tackle More Projects With Spectrum® Plasma Cutters

The Spectrum 625 X-TREME™ plasma cutter gives Jason Wilson, owner of Dane Fabrication, the flexibility to tackle more projects.

What’s Next: Faster Multiprocess Welding With Josh Welton

Brown Dog Welding owner Josh Welton quickly switches between welding processes with his Miller® MDX™-250 EZ-Select™ MIG Gun.

Plasma Cutting FAQ with Metal Artist Stephen Christena

Metal Artist Stephen Christena of Midwest Metalworks answers some commonly asked plasma cutting questions.

Marine Manufacturer Cuts Hours of Rework on Aluminum Welds

Welding anodized aluminum requires a skilled welder and attention to detail. See how G.G. Schmitt & Sons reduces rework.

Manufacturer Welds Mill Finish and Anodized Aluminum Parts

As the marine industry moves to more custom designs, G.G. Schmitt & Sons relies on Dynasty® welders to fabricate innovative parts.

How to Reduce Scrap on Bright Dip Anodized Aluminum

Manufacturer G.G. Schmitt welds many types of aluminum, including bright dip anodized. See how Dynasty® welders help reduce rework

G.G. Schmitt Completes Welds Faster With Dynasty Welders

A switch to Dynasty® welders helped marine hardware manufacturer G.G. Schmitt & Sons improve productivity in the welding operation.

Miller Service Important to Marine Hardware Manufacturer

Fabrication for the marine industry demands high quality, and welding equipment is a key factor in producing the best results.

What’s Next: RMD Garage Shows Off MDX™-250 Gun

Next-level ergonomic features are why Eddie Luv of RMD Garage calls the Miller™ MDX-250 MIG gun his “new baby.”

What’s Next: Building Off-Road Vehicles With The MDX™-100

UTV Wolfpack creates the off-road racing industry’s most innovative suspension systems and cages with the MDX™-100 MIG gun.

TIG Welding Punisher Trailer Hitch Cover with Miller Syncrowave 210

Josh Welton of Brown Dog Welding creates a trailer hitch cover. Watch as he uses the Spectrum® 375 X-TREME™ to cut out the design and then TIG welds it together.

Millermatic 350P Aluminum Set Up and Operation

An in-depth look at the settings and capabilities of the Millermatic 350P, an all-in-one MIG welding system designed specifically for aluminum.

Multimatic® 235: Access Service Menu and Calibrate Spool Gun

Learn to access the service menu on your Multimatic® 235 welding power source and use it to calibrate the motor on your spool gun.

Setting Up Your Multimatic® 235 to MIG Weld Aluminum

Learn how to set up your new Multimatic 235 welding power source to MIG weld aluminum with a spool gun.

Syncrowave® 210 Product Overview

The easy-to-use Syncrowave® 210 provides legacy arc performance that allows you to expand your capabilities with an all-in-one package.

Fabricator Reduces Power Draw by 25-30% with Miller Welding Inverters

OMF Performance Products reduced power draw substantially by switching from an old transformer-based welder to two inverter-based welders.

Welding Dragonfly Yard Art Project with Miller Multimatic 215

See Josh Welton of Brown Dog Welding weld the steel structure of the dragonfly and then brazes copper on to the yard art using a TIG torch.

DIY Welding Project: Planter and Flower Vase

A DIY planter and flower vase will add character to any home. Get the instructions on how to create this cool welding project.

How to Build an End Table with the Miller Multimatic 215

Zach MacMullen uses the Multimatic™ 215 to weld up this end table. See how he quickly tack welds the project together.

MIG Welding Water Bucket Holders for Horse Barn with Millermatic 211

Joel Ort of Miller Electric Mfg. Co. creates water bucket holders to mount in his horse barn using the Millermatic 211 MIG welder.

Hollywood Hot Rods Loves Miller Weld-Mask for Welding in Real World Applications

Troy Ladd and team at Hollywood Hot Rods rely on the new Miller® Weld-Mask™ auto-darkening goggles for welding in tight spaces.

At Pure Vision, the Cars and People Are Anything but Ordinary

Pure Vision has become a world-renowned street machine fabrication shop, known for a very signature concept and build style.

Overview of Pure Vision's Twin Turbo Camaro Build

Located in Simi Valley, Calif., Pure Vision has become a world-renowned street machine fabrication shop, known for a very signature concept and build style that can be described as simple, straightforward and well-detailed. In this video, shop owner Steve Strope shares a quick overview of the Twin Turbo Camaro build that the shop is currently working on.

TIG Welding Aluminum: AC Frequency Control

Learn how to adjust AC frequency to gain greater arc puddle control when TIG welding aluminum on Miller Maxstar or Dynasty TIG welders .

Miller's Aluminum Welding System helps Metal Shark Aluminum Boats

Metal Shark increased efficiency, doubled production, and cut welding time in half by using Millermatic 350P pulsed MIG welders.

Bollinger Shipyards and Advanced Pulsed MIG Welding on Aluminum

Bollinger Shipyards improves productivity and simplifies aluminum welding on patrol boats with Miller's advanced AlumaFeed™ Synergic Aluminum.

Multimatic® 235 Welder Helps Keep Wisconsin Village Running

The Wisconsin village of Combined Locks has one maintenance mechanic. His Multimatic 235 helps keep the village running.

Multimatic 235 Ideal for Welding and Fabrication Shops

See why the Multimatic 235 multiprocess welder is the one machine that handles most welding jobs at M-Fab and Welding LLC.

Setting up your new Millermatic 125 Hobby MIG welder

Watch step-by-step instructions for setting up and operating your new Millermatic, the parts included, and suggestions for correct gas and consumable usage.

Hot Rods by Dean Loves the Miller Wireless Foot Control

Jerry Miller, fabricator at Hot Rods by Dean, recommends the Miller® Wireless Foot Control when TIG Welding.

How to Calibrate the CO Monitor on Your BreatheAir System

Learn how to calibrate the CO monitor on your Miller® BreatheAir™ portable box or panel with these step-by-step instructions.

How to Change the Filters on Your BreatheAir System

Learn how to change the filters on your Miller® BreatheAir™ portable box or panel with these fast and easy instructions.

Fabricator & Metal Artist Josh Welton Reviews Miller Dynasty 280 DX TIG Welder

In this video, professional fabricator and owner of Brown Dog Welding Josh Welton reviews the Miller Dynasty 280 DX TIG welder w/ wireless foot pedal. Compared to similarly sized machines, the Dynasty 280 delivers more power and provides the ability to weld metal up to 3/8-inch thick — yet is lighter, more portable and uses less energy than machines of similar output capabilities. Weighing in at...

Miller Multimatic 255: Built for Chassis Fabrication

The master fabricators at Roadster Shop rely on the Multimatic® 255 for MIG and TIG welding their in-demand chassis.

Avoid Common TIG Welding Problems with a Dynasty TIG Welder

John Marcella of Marcella Manifolds discusses how he addresses weld aesthetics with the advanced capabilities of the Dynasty 350 AC/DC TIG inverter from Miller.

Create Your Own Mid-Century Wall Art with These Simple Steps

Miller partners and friends Max Grundy (of Max Grundy Design) and Josh Welton (of Brown Dog Welding) create a mid-century art piece.

Why the Millermatic® 211 MIG Welder Is a Cut Above the Rest

Jason Wilson, owner of Dane Fabrication, trusts his Millermatic 211 to make his custom iron and woodwork designs come to life.

How to Weld Different Metal Thicknesses Together

Peter Torres from BS Industries shows how to weld steel of various thicknesses together using his Miller® TIG welder.

NASCAR Champion Bobby Allison Welds It All with Multimatic 215

NASCAR Hall of Famer Bobby Allison knows what it takes to compete — and win. That’s why he uses Miller’s Multimatic™ 215 multiprocess welder.

Welding Helmet Increases Visibility with X-Mode Technology

Rick’s Restoration does a lot of work outside, which is why they depend on X-Mode™ technology in their Miller® welding helmets.

Roll Cage Tubing: Tips for Fitment and Welding 

Jimmy Shine, owner of Jimmy Shine Workshop, shares roll cage tubing tips for fitment and welding using the Miller® Syncrowave® 210 TIG welder.

Common Causes of Weld Porosity and How to Fix Them

Have you ever experienced porosity or spatter in your welds? Peter Torres provides common causes of porosity and how to fix them.

Win a VIP Race Experience and Hendrick Motorsports Tour

The grand prize winner will receive an exclusive, behind-the-scenes tour of Hendrick Motorsports, as well as suite tickets and pit passes to the 2018 Foods City 500 NASCAR race.

Swap Your Grinder for a Miller Spectrum X-TREME Plasma Cutter to Save Time

Bentley Garner uses the Spectrum® 625 X-Treme™ Plasma Cutter for Gouging in his shop. Garner finds that using his plasma cutter is the more efficient solution.

TIG Welding in the Field Requires Portability Flexibility

Motorsports professional Craig Curione uses Syncrowave® 210 TIG to build and restore side-by-side race cars because it offers lightweight portability.

Finetune Welding Arc Performance with Multimatic 215 Options

The versatile, easy-to-use Multimatic 215 multiprocess welder can MIG, TIG and stick weld, and it connects to 120 or 240-volt power.

Welding Package Tray to Roof Structure of ‘36 Packard using Miller Syncrowave 210

Hollywood Hot Rods fabricator Chris welds a package tray to the roof structure on a 1936 Packard. For this project, he relied on the Miller® Syncrowave® 210.

Kindig-It Design Modifies a Hummer Bumper with the Millermatic 211

Watch this video to see the Kindig-It Design team modify a Hummer H2 bumper using a Millermatic® 211.

How to Create a Proper MIG Weld

Peter Torres from BS Industries demonstrates various weld passes on cold roll steel — a hot weld, a cold weld and a weld that is just right.

Arc Academy Creates Coffee Table Using Miller MIG and TIG Welders

Steve demonstrates how to build a coffee table using a Millermatic 211 Auto-Set MIG welder and Diversion 180 TIG welder.

Meet the Kindig-It Design Crew from Bitchin’ Rides

Turning autos into custom works of art is Kindig-It Design’s specialty. They rely on Miller® welding equipment, so they can build most anything.

Notching Frame for Suspension Clearance using Miller Dynasty 350 DX TIG welder and Weld-Mask

Hollywood Hot Rods fabricator Sean Ramáge completes a frame repair to provide more suspension clearance.

Do It All With the Multimatic® 220 AC/DC Multiprocess Welder

Josh Welton, owner of Brown Dog Welding, explains the reasons why he loves his Miller® Multimatic 220 AC/DC multiprocess welder.

See How Kindig-It Design Uses Workhorse Millermatic 211

The Millermatic® 211 is known as the shop workhorse at Kindig-it because it’s reliable and powerful — making it perfect for welding jobs both big and small.

Bentley Garner Shares Tips for Successfully Welding Chromoly Tube

Bentley Garner gives step-by-step instructions and tips on chromoly tube welding, using the Multimatic™ 215 multiprocess welder.

Kindig-It Design Uses Multimatic 215 to Do It All

To turn out custom auto designs and restorations for the show Bitchin’ Rides, the crew from Kindig-It Design needs welding equipment that does it all.

TIG Welder is Critical to Car Restoration for Ray Evernham

Ray Evernham, a NASCAR Hall of Fame crew chief and car owner, has a long career in racing. Through the years, he’s always relied on Miller® welders.

Filling the Cowl Panel on ’61 Thunderbird using Miller Syncrowave 210

Paul Bosserman, fabricator at Jimmy Shine Workshop, demonstrates how to fill in the cowl panel on a 1961 Thunderbird using the Miller® Syncrowave® 210.

TIG Welding Custom Cars at Detroit Speed

Detroit Speed and Engineering builds custom cars for customers all over the world. To fabricate car panels, Detroit Speed relies on the Syncrowave® 210 TIG welder.

NASCAR Hall of Famer Ray Evernham Relies on Miller Welders

NASCAR Hall of Fame crew chief and car owner Ray Evernham has been in racing a long time, and he’s worked with the best — Miller® welders have always been part of his work.

TIG Welding Sheet Metal Techniques With Bodie Stroud

Learn some techniques for TIG welding sheet metal, which requires properly controlling heat and preventing warpage.

Use the Welders that Hendrick Motorsports Relies On

Hendrick Motorsports has built a winning tradition — earning a record 12 championships in NASCAR since 1984.

Choosing a TIG Welder — Learn More About the Syncrowave 210

If you’re in the market for a new TIG welder, an inverter-based Syncrowave® 210 provides AC TIG for welding aluminum and a spool gun accessory.

Bodie Stroud Fine-tunes Arc With Millermatic 252 Welder

Fabricator Bodie Stroud relies on the Millermatic® 252 welder because it’s versatile and easy to adjust.

Auto-Darkening Helmet Can Help Improve Weld Consistency

Welders can get a better view of their surroundings — which helps improve bead consistency — with an auto-darkening weld helmet.

Arc Academy Makes Welding Accessible, Easy-to-Learn

In a partnership with Miller, Arc Academy offers multiple welding bays with easy-to-use welding machines designed for the hobbyist to semi-pro welder.

Why Rick Dale Uses the Multi-Voltage Plug in His Shop

Rick Dale and his team need to be able to move the welder to the work, which is why they use Miller® machines equipped with the multi-voltage plug (MVP™).

Creating Something from Nothing is the Power of Welding for Bentley Garner

Bentley Garner loves to build and create just about anything. This welder/fabricator out of Salt Lake City uses Miller machines for all of his welding needs.

Push vs. Pull Methods in MIG Welding

Learn the difference between the push and pull techniques while MIG welding — and which is better for you and your application.

NASCAR Champ Bobby Allison Recreates His Dodge Charger

NASCAR Hall of Famer Allison is recreating the iconic Dodge Charger he raced in 1969 and 1970, including another 500-mile victory in 1970.

ClearLight Lens Technology Provides ‘Crystal-Clear View'

Jerry Zaiden, co-owner of Camburg Engineering, tried Miller ClearLight™ Lens Technology. See what he had to say.

Get Amazing Arc Control and Easy Process Changeover with the Multimatic 215

Bentley Garner loves the Multimatic™ 215 multiprocess welder. This portable machine can switch from MIG, to TIG, to stick in a split, saving time and space.

Plasma Cutters Deliver Speed and Performance for Evernham

Miller Spectrum® plasma cutters deliver a small heat zone, a clean cut and reduced cleanup — saving time and money in Ray Evernham's shop.

NASCAR Champ Bobby Allison Shares His Favorite Bristol Memory

NASCAR Hall of Famer Bobby Allison shares his favorite memory from Bristol Motor Speedway and driving for Junior Johnson.

Wolfpack Motorsports Uses Miller to Build Polaris RZR

The Wolfpack team needs reliable equipment to build vehicles and parts that can withstand high speeds, which is why they depend on Miller®.

How to Build a Car Bumper Using a TIG Welder

Watch motorsports professional Craig Curione build a bumper for his Can-Am car in his shop using the Syncrowave® 210 TIG welder.

Welding Process Change Makes Manufacturer More Competitive

A welding process conversion to Regulated Metal Deposition (RMD®) helps Sigma Thermal stay ahead of the competition.

Miller Sculpture Exhibit: Moments by Thomas Scarff

Sculpture "Moments"

Artist STRETCH on the Diversion 180 AC/DC TIG Welder

STRETCH has welded a name for himself in Kansas City, Mo. and explains how using Miller's Diversion 180 AC/DC TIG Welder has helped him sculpt his pieces.

Miller Sculpture Exhibit: Twist and Shout by Andrew Arvanetes

Andrew Arvanetes' sculpture "Twist and Shout" is made of stainless steel and measures 9 ft high, 4 ft wide and 4 ft deep.

Joshua Crowe: Moderate Category Finalist

Contestant Joshua Crowe - competing in the moderate category - wraps up his project and tells us the idea and inspiration behind his design.

Miller Sculpture Exhibit: Cubis Largo by Ron Gard

Sculpture: "Cubis Largo"

2010 Welding Showdown Winners Revealed

Congrats to all participants - your skill and dedication to your craft inspires us. We're grateful for your participation.

Miller Sculpture Exhibit: Wacko by John Adduci

Sculpture: "Wacko"

Miller Sculpture Exhibit: Foci by Derick Malkemus

Sculpture: "Foci"

Miller Sculpture Exhibit: Mike's Pan Tree by Michael Helbing

Sculpture: "Mike's Pan Tree"

Thomas Patsis: Moderate Category Finalist

Miller Welding Showdown 2010 contestant Thomas Patsis discusses his approach to this year's finals.

Finalists in the Difficult Category Share Their Welding Projects

Welding Showdown finalists in the Difficult Category Tim Bartosh and Matt Arnos take a few moments to share their thoughts on their final designs.

2010 Welding Showdown Halftime Report

The two finalists in the easy category explain what their strategy and design inspiration was as their part of the competition wraps up.

Miller Sculpture Exhibit: Wending by Ted Sitting Crow Garner

Sculpture: "Wending"

2010 Welding Showdown Winners Revealed

After a long day of competition, the 2010 Welding Showdown winners are revealed.

Miller Sculpture Exhibit: Asteray by Nicole Beck

Sculpture: "Asteray"

Miller Sculpture Exhibit: Within Reach by Eric W. Stephenson

Sculpture: "Within Reach"

Miller Sculpture Exhibit: Hulettelujah by Barry Hehemann

Sculpture: "Hulettelujah"

Miller Sculpture Exhibit: Whiplash by Bruce White

Sculpture: "Whiplash"

Miller Sculpture Exhibit: Precarious Stand by Terry Karpowicz

Sculpture: "Precarious Stand, but Still on Top"

Utility Tractor Hitch Repair Using the Multimatic 215 Multiprocess Welder

Joel Ort of Miller Electric Mfg. Co. uses the Stick welding process to repair a hitch on his utility tractor with the Multimatic™ 215 multiprocess welder.

Kicking Off the 2010 Welding Showdown

Miller's Nicole Muench and John Swartz discuss the 2010 Welding Showdown held at Miller's Appleton, WI headquarters on September 29, 2010.

Chris Razor Discusses Advanced AC Controls, Trianglulated Waveform for TIG Welding

Chris Razor of Hi-Tech Welding discusses independent amperage, balance and frequency settings on his Dynasty 350.

Pure Aluminum Hull Built with Miller Welders: Smoky Mountain Jet Boat Goes for a Ride

Smoky Mountain Jet Boats are assembled using Pulse MIG from Miller welding equipment.

Sportsfield Specialties and Pulsed MIG Welding with the New Millermatic 350P Aluminum

Sportsfield Specialties found solutions to their aluminum welding challenges when it implemented a Pulsed MIG welding process.

Chris Razor of Hi-Tech Welding Discusses TIG Inverters

Listen to the advantages of TIG inverters: increased productivity, greater quality, greater energy efficiency, advanced controls.

Marcella Manifolds & TIG Welding Aluminum Manifolds

Owner of Marcella Manifolds discusses the evolution of GTAW welding, including the advanced AC TIG controls.

ProHeat™ Rolling Inductor Provides Safer Alternative to Preheating Rolled Pipe

Preheating is critical to achieve high weld quality; it eliminates moisture and reduces the opportunity for hydrogen cracking.

Miller's AlumaFeed™ System Excels in Aluminum Shipbuilding

Bollinger Shipyards is able to simplify operation, improve productivity, improve quality, reduce distortion, and reduce bird nesting.

Welding Allows Max Grundy to Make Artistic 2D Visions into 3D Realities

Artist and fabricator Max Grundy creates “retro-futuristic” art, taking themes from a bygone era and placing them into post-apocalyptic scenarios.

Explore more projects with NEW Multimatic 215 multiprocess welder

NEW Multimatic™ 215 provides up to 230 amps of power for MIG! Add an electrode holder or a torch and it’s ready for stick or TIG welding too.

Accessories and Components to Help Solve Your Welding Problems

At Richard Childress Racing, fabricators address many welding challenges — just like you do in your shop or home garage.

Smoky Mounatin Jet Boat Relies on Partnership with Miller and Local Distributor for Solutions

Smoky Mountain Jet Boats builds 100% aluminum watercraft. The company turns to Miller for the latest Pulse MIG welding technology to get the job done.

Tips for Choosing the Right Welder for Your Application

It’s important to consider the input power available, material to be welded, and the prime window in which a specific machine operates best.

Jimmy Shine Builds on Southern California Hot Rod Tradition

With so many high-profile projects in the works, Jimmy Shine needs quality equipment to do a quality job. Shine has relied on Miller equipment since he was 13.

Welding Basics for Beginners

If you are a new or beginner welder, watch this video to learn about the three most common welding processes — MIG, stick and TIG — including the advantages and disadvantages of each, when it’s best to use each and what material can be used.