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FieldPro Remote, Dinse

FieldPro Remote delivers complete remote control—provides the functionality of FieldPro power source hundreds of feet away, including process changeover and amperage adjustment with no control cables.



Complete Remote Control
The FieldPro Remote provides all the same functionality of the PipeWorx 350 FieldPro hundreds of feet from the power source, including process changeover, and amperage adjustment with no special cables. Connect the FieldPro Remote in line with the electro
Superior Arc Performance
The optimized Stick and TIG performance specifically meets the needs of open root pipe welding and helps reduce training time and increases quality. Starts maintain root opening and prepared edge and stops limit arc marks outside of the heat-affected zone
Easy to Use
The PipeWorx 350 FiledPro™ is streamlined and simplified to reduce setup time and potential weld defects. Pushbutton process changeover eliminates the need for swapping cables. The robust design will withstand harsh environments common in the field


General Specifications

Title FieldPro Remote, Dinse
Warranty 3 Years
Miller's True Blue Warranty