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Continuum™ Swingarc™, 12 Ft

Swingarc boom-mounted wire feeders bring an extra dimension of flexibility and efficiency to weld stations dealing with large weldments, or wherever operator mobility is required.

Feeder 12 ft

Feeder 16 ft

Remote Operator Interface

Feeder 12 ft Dual


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All-new power source design
Smart and powerful digital design has the fast response needed to deliver the most stable welding performance for better welding results. Developed as a platform to meet current and future needs with integrated expansion capabilities.
All-new feeder design
Faster motor response provides the best arc starts with the least amount of spatter Precise feeding operation for stable arc performance
In-boom cable routing
Organizes hoses and cables, preventing damage and maintaining an orderly work cell.
Superior Arc Performance
Improved Accu-Pulse provides less spatter, better arc control and less heat input. Very forgiving with changes in stick-out Improved MIG performance. Consistently smooth arc starts reduce spatter Improved RMD, designed for thin materials and gap filling with very low spatter New High-Deposition MIG process typically used for thicker material and larger welds. Provides lower heat input and higher deposition rates than standard spray transfer
Balanced-pressure drive-roll design and tensioners
Feed wire in its truest and straightest form for better feedability and to extend consumable life
Easy to set up and adjust with minimal training
8 program/memory buttons USB functionality for updates, cloning and more Browser-based connection to view and adjust machine parameters, configure machine settings and ability to set locks and limits
Tool-less lockable rotatable drive
Allows operator to rotate the drive, eliminate severe bends in the wire feeding path Extends gun-liner life Aids in feeding difficult wires    
LCD Display
New user interface makes the system easy to set up and adjust with minimal training. Shows complete words, graphics and numeric values.
Modular to adapt to a variety of weld cell configurations
Flexible user interface location (power source, feeder, remote operator interface) Insight Welding Intelligence™ systems Easily add process and programs Wire feeder is easily configurable for standard spool sizes, 60-pound spools or bulk-feeding systems
Unique counterbalanced boom
Makes it easy to raise and lower boom and automatically holds its position.



Air Carbon Arc Cutting and Gouging (CAC-A)
Flux Cored (FCAW)

General Specifications

Title Continuum™ Swingarc™, 12 Ft
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