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This Aluminum filler metal publication is a simplified look into the minds of the world’s foremost authority on joining aluminum, Tony Anderson. Tony is the chairman of the Aluminum Association's Technical Advisory Committee on Welding and Joining and has summarized the things that you “need to know” about joining aluminum. The topics discussed in this publication include, Alloy and Temper Designations, Alloy and Temper Applications, Heat Treatable and Non-Heat Treatable Alloys, Guidelines for Selecting the Most Appropriate Filler Metal (4043 or 5356), Guidelines for Elevated Temperature Applications, Selecting the Correct Filler Metal to Match Anodized Color, and the list continues. Also included is a detailed fold out chart for proper selection of aluminum filler metal based on the desired properties of the weld. 36 Full Color pages (spiral bound) - 8 1/2 x 11 To order, call 1-866-931-9732 or email: Literature@millerwelds.com


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