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Bernard™ BTB MIG Gun, O Small Curved Handle, 300A, 15 ft., Short 60° Rotatable Neck, Centerfire™, .045 in.


Medium 45 Deg Centerfire .045 in

Short 60 Deg Centerfire .045 in

Long 60 Deg Centerfire 1/16 in

Long 60 Deg Centerfire 3/32 in

Long 45 Deg Centerfire 1/16 in

Medium 45 Deg Quik Tip .045 in

Medium 45 Deg Quik Tip .045 in


What's Included

  • One (1) Jump Liner - allows you to replace just the front portion of your conventional liner once it becomes worn.
Neck Options for Improved Weld Accessibility
Available with fixed or rotatable aluminum armored necks in various lengths for optimal weld accessibility and operator comfort. Easily reposition rotatable necks without tools to reach awkward welds on the fly.
Maximized Consumables Compatibility
Necks feature a dual lead thread that receives your choice of high performance Centerfire™, Quik Tip™ or TOUGH LOCK™ Consumables.
Rugged Industrial-Duty Cables
Available with tear resistant, burn resistant Industrial Grade Cable (standard) or the Steel Monocoil Cable which offers superior pinch resistance to ensure good gas flow and wire feeding. Flexible steel spring guard strain relief on front and back handles protects cable from wear by preventing kinking and abrasion and improves wire feedability.
Maximized Liner Compatibility
Compatible with both Bernard Universal Conventional Liners and time-saving, front-loading QUICK LOAD Liners
Easy Maintenance
The guns are designed for quick and easy maintenance and repair.
Connection Flexibility
Easily interchangeable power pins and trigger leads allow guns to be used on various wire feeders and machines.



Regulated Metal Deposition (RMD)

General Specifications

Title Bernard™ BTB MIG Gun, O Small Curved Handle, 300A, 15 ft., Short 60° Rotatable Neck, Centerfire™, .045 in.
Industries Interests Heavy Equipment
Amperage Rated Output 300
Cable Length 15 ft
Wire Size .045 in.
Applications Fabrication
Warranty Miller's True Blue Warranty