CST™ 282 Multi Operator Welding Rack | MillerWelds

Empty 4-Pack CST™ / Maxstar Rack

Rugged enclosure provides simple means for protecting and transporting multiple welding power sources for construction, maintenance/repair and shipbuilding applications.


Rack enclosure designed to meet the needs of field construction
Common Ground
Common output ground connection (for same polarity use only).
Easy to move
Lifting eyes simplify transportation using crane or overhead lifting device. Lift truck side and end fork pockets in base to enable loading and worksite repositioning with fork lift.
Junction Box
Junction box with fuses for each machine. Equipped with fuses for 460 V operation. Fuses must be ordered separately for 220-230 or 575 V primary power.


General Specifications

Title empty-4-pack-cst-maxstar-rack-951934
Portability Fork Pockets
Lift Eye (Standard)
Running Gear / Cart (Standard)
Warranty Miller's True Blue Warranty