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Talk Shop With Miller

Miller is happy to be back at SEMA this year! If you're at the show, be sure to stop by our booth for a visit — and whether you're at SEMA or at home, we welcome you to join us for new Miller Shop Talk LIVE livestream events!

Miller Shop Talk LIVE: Aluminum TIG Welding Basics

Get the facts on how to start TIG welding aluminum. We’ll cover everything from metal prep and setting parameters to welding techniques and best practices.

Miller Shop Talk LIVE: Millermatic® (MIG) vs. Multimatic® (Multiprocess) Welders

Learn what makes today’s machines so powerful, versatile and easy to use. We'll cover all the exclusive technologies and features that can benefit anyone from weekend welders to the professionals.

Miller Shop Talk LIVE: Real Garage Shop Tour

Join Andy Weyenberg in a tour of his shop where the hit YouTube series “Real Garage” is recorded. He'll answer your questions and maybe even show you the progress on his '69 Trans Am!