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New Miller® Face Shields Now Available

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Industrial-strength face shields for maximum durability
Face Shield Series

APPLETON, Wis. (April 6, 2021) — Miller Electric Mfg. LLC, a leading worldwide manufacturer of Miller brand arc welding equipment, has announced the launch of a new series of face shields. Four lens options are available — clear (288269), clear anti-fog (288274), shade 3 (288270) and shade 5 (288273).

All face shields are lightweight in design for all-day wear and comfort and are impact-resistant to increase durability and protection. In addition, each face shield features HDV Technology to provide a sharp, detailed view at any angle without distortion, enhancing welding operations. One shield in the lineup, the clear anti-fog face shield, has anti-fog coating to prevent fogging of the lens for enhanced visibility.  

Visit the Miller website to learn more and check out the face shield lineup.  

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