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Miller Expands Digital Capabilities for Submerged Arc Welding in the Field

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New SubArc Digital Converter Part of a Complete Digital Solution
 Product image of the new Subarc Digital Converter from Miller along with Dimension 650 and Big Blue 600 Pro power sources

APPLETON, Wis. (July 28, 2021) Miller Electric Mfg. LLC, a leading worldwide manufacturer of Miller® brand arc welding equipment, has expanded its digital capabilities for submerged arc welding (SAW) to more welding power sources. With the new SubArc Digital Converter, the complete Miller lineup of SAW products and accessories easily integrate to provide operations with flexibility, reliability and optimal performance.  

Designed for field applications including above-ground storage tank construction, as well as shipbuilding and bridge construction, the SubArc Digital Converter enables the use of digital SAW accessories, such as the 3-Wheel Tractor and digital control, with expanded equipment — including Big Blue® welder/generators and Dimension™ 650 welding power sources. 

“The digital converter is the middleman between the power source and the digital subarc accessories. This expands the equipment capability and allows contractors to bring the subarc process to the field more easily,” says Zak Stapp, SAW application specialist, Miller. “Contractors now have greater flexibility with the Miller SubArc lineup so they can optimize their field welding operations.” 

With the added capabilities, Miller SubArc Digital Solutions provide: 

  • Expanded fleet capability. Operations can use their existing Big Blue welder/generators and Dimension power sources and pair them with any SAW digital accessory, including SubArc Interface Control, the SubArc 3-Wheel Tractor and the SubArc Flux Hopper Digital Low Voltage. 

  • Optimal welds. Enhanced digital communication allows for more consistent steady-state welding, improved arc starts on a wide range of wire diameters and increased arc stability with specialty alloys. Operators can also ensure that the voltage set at the controller is the voltage at the arc by connecting an optional voltage sense lead to the SubArc Digital Converter. Digital solutions provide greater accuracy than analog meters, so operators can be assured of precise settings to meet the requirements of the welding procedure specification (WPS). 

  • Seamless integration and simple setup. As one all-inclusive solution, the Miller SubArc Digital system is highly portable and simple to set up, so operators of varying experience levels can easily connect their SAW accessories to Miller power sources for streamlined field operations. A single controller interface provides a repeatable experience across accessories. 

Designed for heavy outdoor use, Miller SAW solutions deliver reliability and durable performance. In addition, the Hobart® line of filler metals and flux is specifically engineered to provide optimized results with Miller submerged arc power sources.

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