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Miller Announces New Millermatic® 355 MIG Welder

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Machine allows operators to weld a variety of materials in many work environments
Close up product photo of the Millermatic 355 MIG welder on a white background

Miller Electric Mfg. LLC, a leading worldwide manufacturer of Miller® brand arc welding equipment, has released the new Millermatic 355 MIG welder, an easy-to-use power source designed for fabricators and manufacturers who need to MIG weld a wide variety of materials.

The Millermatic 355 can operate on single-phase or three-phase AC power — so it works anywhere operators need it to. The machine provides MIG and pulsed MIG capabilities for mild steel, aluminum and stainless steel in thicknesses from 22 gauge to 1/2 inch. 

“The new Millermatic 355 delivers power, precision, simplicity and versatility in a compact power source for more applications,” says Chris Roehl, product manager, Miller. “Plus the machine’s advanced features make it easy for welders of any skill level to be productive and get great results.” 

With high amperage output and a long duty cycle, operators can make longer welds without stopping. The pulsed MIG capabilities allow operators to reduce heat input for better results on stainless steel, less risk of distortion or burn-through on thin metals, and reduced spatter on all materials — resulting in less time spent on post-weld cleanup. An industrial, four-drive-roll, wire-feed system ensures consistent delivery of all wire types and diameters at all speeds. And the Millermatic 355 is compatible with push-pull guns, for smooth feeding of aluminum wire. 

The Millermatic 355 also has multiple features to help welders of all skill levels get more work done. Auto-Set™ Elite makes it quick and simple to select the right parameters to produce high-quality welds. A 7-inch LCD user interface clearly shows weld settings and displays an electronic parameter chart, making settings easy to access, fine-tune and save. 
In addition, Program Mode lets welders save up to four frequently used weld processes in the machine. Each saved process can be recalled with the touch of a button, so there’s no need to dial them in manually. Trigger Program Select lets operators select any saved process at the weld joint by pulling the MIG gun trigger, so there’s no need to walk back to the power source. 

Switching between single-phase and three-phase input power is easy, so operators can stay productive anywhere. Simply move the input power selector switch to the type of electricity available at the location. The Millermatic 355 has integrated running gear and an enclosed wire feeder — an all-in-one design that makes it fast and easy to move the machine around the shop or workplace. The machine can also be quickly removed from the EZ-Latch™ running gear to get it closer to the work or to integrate it into the weld cell for optimum access and efficiency. 

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