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Miller® Deltaweld® Systems Now Available with Insight Centerpoint™ Solutions

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Weld information systems can help manufacturers solve critical challenges.
 Operator welds with a screen image in the background showing real-time feedback

APPLETON, Wis. (June 28, 2023) — Miller Electric Mfg. LLC, a leading worldwide manufacturer of Miller brand arc welding equipment, has announced that Deltaweld Systems are now available with the Insight Centerpoint weld information application. 

New Deltaweld Systems utilizing Insight Centerpoint can provide manufacturers with utilization information and address their most critical challenges — everything from weld quality and productivity to rising costs or a lack of skilled welders,” says Todd McEllis, product manager, Miller. “Using weld data plays a key role in uncovering problems and tracking trends so operations can make improvements.” 

Deltaweld 350 and Deltaweld 500 power sources with the Insight Centerpoint application can help solve these manufacturing challenges:

  • Productivity issues. Insight Centerpoint measures each welder’s arc-on time, allowing operations to establish a productivity baseline, make plans for improvements and measure progress toward goals.

  • Lack of skilled welders. A complex weld sequence can require a lot of training time. If welders are training, they aren’t welding. Insight Centerpoint reduces training by guiding welders through the weld sequence in real-time.

  • Poor quality. Out-of-parameter welds create rework if not captured early in the weld cell. Insight Centerpoint provides early containment of defects and can control the weld operation by monitoring every parameter of every weld.

  • Rising costs. Missed or defective welds that aren’t detected early cost more to fix. Insight Centerpoint alerts welders if a weld is missed or is outside of acceptable parameters, allowing it to be corrected cost effectively.

Two Insight Centerpoint modes are available on Deltaweld Systems with Intellx™ Elite wire feeders: basic mode and premium mode. Basic mode provides on-premises productivity and utilization information, with enterprise integration to a third-party IIoT system. Premium mode provides the ability to govern the weld sequence of the operator as well as non-welding activities to help repetitively produce parts to specification. Basic mode is also available on the Intellx Pro and Intellx Basic wire feeders.

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