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Featured Project

  • Dream Garage
    Dream Garage
    by Murray Thibodeaux
    My first welding project is my Dream Garage. At 59 I have always wanted to learn to weld. I took an introduction course at TulsaTech Welding School, bought my...
  • Custom, one of a kind trike
    Custom, one of a kind trike
    by Jim Kuebler
    Air Cooled VW trike
  • Bathroom update
    Bathroom update
    by Andrew Safie
    Shower plumbing needs an upgrade and will require some welding
  • Column
    by SarAh Scavio
  • Welding Trailer
    Welding Trailer
    by Isaac Trujillo
    My brother and I decided to built a trailer for our Bobcat 250 instead of having it on one of our trucks. We designed it as we got parts in, on the fly if you ...
  • fancy iron work deck
    fancy iron work deck
    by Tracie Tighe
    Wrought iron deck around my summer place Dreaming of pushin out our smallish porch and enclosing it with a super decorative iron fence installation like I've s...
  • Family fun
    Family fun
    by Chris Reed
    Working on having fun!

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MIG Stick TIG Plasma

Racing, Customizing, Restoring

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Miller Electric is a leading manufacturer of TIG welders, MIG or wire welders, stick welders, flux cored welders, multiprocess welders, plasma arc cutters, engine-driven welding generators, wire feeders, multioperator systems, resistance spot welders, automated welding systems, submerged arc welders, induction heating systems, welding equipment, welding guns and accessories, and welder training materials for the Industrial, Maintenance & Repair, Farm and Ranch, Construction, Motorsports, Hobbyist and Fabrication markets. Miller Electric also features a line of welding helmets and safety gear.