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Together, we build
our world

People like you use their talent and tools to make our world a better place. Miller celebrates those who build dreams, security, industry … everything that makes a positive difference in our lives.

Click on a WE BUILD video below to meet them.

Meet the people who build our world

Together WE BUILD

With each weld, see how you and Miller build our world together.  Miller and you. Together, we build.


See how welding supervisor Tony Fisher of Team Industries first started welding, and why he continues to keep his passion for welding the things we build together.

WE BUILD Dreams − Detroit Speed

See how Kyle and Stacy Tucker, founders of Detroit Speed, use Miller equipment to make automotive dreams come true: classic rides and modern horsepower. What dream project have you built with Miller equipment?

Together, we build great memories.

Meet the winner of the 2015 BUILD & WIN Sweepstakes Grand Prize!  

It was another year to remember, with thousands of amazing projects entered in the Miller 2015 BUILD & WIN sweepstakes — but only one could be randomly selected to make its owner the grand prize winner.


Congratulations to Jim Ericksen, who won an Avalon Eagle Cruise pontoon boat! Jim submitted a photo of a cooling coil he built for a nuclear power plant. A resident of Minnesota, Jim can explore many beautiful lakes with his new boat … and help make great memories to last a lifetime.


Thanks to everyone who shared what they build with Miller. Get ready to BUILD & WIN in 2016!