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Dynasty/Maxstar Series 210/280/400/800
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(301153V effective Aug-16-17)  

 In this update:
  • Changed ambient temperature thresholds for cooling fan operation.

  • Improved diagnostic capabilities for 800's

 Includes these previous revision changes:
  • NEW STANDARD FEATURE - 4Tm ( Modified ) trigger method.

  • NEW EXPANSION FEATURE - Adjustable Hot Start feature (activated via memory card with additional expansion download)

  • Fixes for nuisance error code tripping 

  • Improve display feedback of voltage, current and meter hold

  • NEW STANDARD FEATURE - Cooler operation modes and Cooler-On-Demand™ - turn cooler off during extended non-weld time and in stick mode (for capable models)

  • NEW EXPANSION FEATURE - AC Independent (activated via purchased expansion memory card)

  • Changes to the Cooler Power Supply menu (CPS models only)

  • Increased functionality for the Modbus software expansion

  • Cooler Power deactivated in Stick modes

  • Display indicator of [ACAV] as indicator of AC amperage (rectified average)

  • Improved start characteristics for welding anodized aluminum

  • Improvements to SMAW (stick) starts for select models


Dynasty/Maxstar Series 210/280/400/800 Hot Start Adjust
Allows adjustment to process Stick’s Hot Start Time.
Download Expansion >>
(301416 effective Feb-21-17)  



Syncrowave 210
Download Latest Software Update >>
(301129J effective May-18-16)  

In this update:
  • Spoolmate 150 compatibility (serial numbers after ME390001J)

  • AC frequency adjustment (serial numbers after ME390001J)

  • DC pulse range expanded (serial numbers after ME390001J)

  • General bug fixes

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