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Insight Core™

Firmware updates for Insight Core 14-Pin module and Axcess module as well, the latest Insight Core Configuration Utility, and Network Connectivity Survey Form can be found at

Insight Centerpoint™

Centerpoint 10 Classic
  • Software will be used in an automation environment (robotic or fixed).
  • Jobs/parts from earlier versions of Centerpoint need to be used.
  • Multiple Devices will be connected to Centerpoint.
  • Multiple welding personnel will be welding on a part simultaneously.
  • Defect detection is desired.
  • Communication with PLC is required.
  • Enterprise reporting via SQL database is required.
  • Import/Export of Weld Data is required.

Bug Fixes and Enhancements:

  • Integrator Enhancements
  • Part Serialization Improvements
  • Barcode Enhancements
  • Integrated Web Browser Improvements
  • Stability Improvements
  • Bug Fixes

Download Classic


Centerpoint 10 Contemporary

  • Software will be used in a manual welding environment AND there is no intention of using jobs/parts created in earlier versions of Insight Centerpoint.
  • WPS verification and missing weld detection is sufficient.
  • Communication with PLC is not required.

Bug Fixes and Enhancements:

  • Initial Release of Contemporary Mode

Download Contemporary x64

Download Contemporary x86