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Quantitative Face-Fit Test Kit

Reusable respirators designed to fit comfortably underneath most welding helmets.


What's Included

  • LPR-100 Half Mask Respirator
  • 2 - P100 Filters
Up to 99.97% Filtration of Airborne Particles
P100 filters are strongly resistant to oil and provide filtration of airborne particulate including solid dust particles, metal fumes and mists. Wrap-around spark guard protects filter media from sparks and other debris.
Extreme Low-Profile Mask Design
Provides maximum field of vision and does not interfere with protective eyewear, making it an optimal solution for use with most welding helmets.
Ergonomic Mask Design
Allows users to feel more comfortable and less constricted without compromising the efficiency and effectiveness of the mask.
Large Non-Return Exhaust Valve
Reduces heat buildup and user fatigue.
Minimal Dead Air Space
Limits re-breathing exhaled air making user more comfortable.
Convenient Turnbuckles
Make changing filters easy and quick, reducing downtime.
Four-Point Head Strap Adjustments
An integrated comfort cushion provides a customized and comfortable fit.
Exclusive Pleated Filter Design
Provides additional surface area to reduce breathing resistance while minimizing filter size.
Made with Medical-Grade Materials
Ensuring user it is free of latex and silicone; odor-free and non-allergenic.
Optional P100 Nuisance Level OV Relief Filters
Feature an added layer of carbon that helps remove nuisance level organic vapor odors. Note: N95 nuisance level OV relief respirators are designed for use with organic vapor concentrations not exceeding OSHA's PELs or other applicable government occupational exposure limits, whichever is lower.   Learn More

Not Included

  • P100 Nuisance Level OV Relief Filters Learn More


Product Literature

General Specifications

Title LPR-100™ Half Mask Respirator, S/M
NIOSH Certification 42 CFR part 84
OSHA Classification Tight-fitting respirator
Filter P100
Assigned Protection Factor 10
Warranty 0.25 Years
Miller's True Blue Warranty


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