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FILTAIR® SWX, Disposable Filter, 3-4.5 ft. Telescoping Arm

Wall or column mounted fume extraction systems designed specifically for welding. The powerful high volume system with a MERV 15 FilTek XL filter is ideal for fabrication shops, manufacturing and training centers.
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What's Included

  • Stationary Filter Cabinet
  • Telescoping Extraction Arm 3-4.5 ft.
  • Fume Extractor Blower 1 Hp, 1200 CFM, 115 V
  • All Mounting Brackets
  • MiniHelic Gauge - Filter Life Indicator
  • FilTek XL Filter
Self-Cleaning or Disposable Filter Models
Your application can easily determine the best SWX system to meet your needs. The SWX-D model with disposable filter is designed for light manufacturing with lower arc times. The SWX-S self-cleaning model is designed for the manufacturing environment with higher arc on times and light or heavy fume emitting weld processes.
Easy-to-operate, Pre-assembled Extraction Arms
Standard Arms - Designed to cover larger spaces, the standard extraction arms are available in 7-, 10-, and 12-foot versions. External brackets and adjustments allow air to pass through with less resistance giving you stronger CFM (airflow). Telescoping Arms - Designed to fit small booth spaces used in training centers and educational booths. Telescopes from 3 to 4.5 feet with a wide range of motion to cover all positions.
Miller FilTek XL Filter Technology
Miller FilTek XL Filter Technology is specifically designed for welding fumes. Miller filters outlast, out-filter, and outperform all the rest. Has longer filter life - up to 2 times that of treated cellulous filters. Superior filtering of up to 95% of weld fume particulates. FilTek XL's surface loading filters vs. competitors depth loading filters gives Miller filters advantages that benefit you: Easier and more complete filter cleaning results in longer filter life. More efficient air flow thru the filter results in lower operating costs and stronger suction power for a cleaner work space. Video: See how it works >>
Cleaner Air with FilTek XL Technology
Filters are rated on a MERV scale which measures filter efficiency based on particle count. MERV ratings range from 1 - 16, with 16 being the best at filtering small particles - such as those found in weld fume. Filters common in air filtration often have MERV ratings between 7 and 11. The SWX FilTek XL filter is rated at a class leading MERV 15 to capture up to 95% of weld fume particulates!
Self-Cleaning (SWX-S) technology
FilTek XL's innovative surface loading Filter Technology and cleaning mechanism are designed to increase productivity and greatly increase filter life! Self-cleaning mechanism is easy to use. Just push a button to activate the pulse cleaning cycle that lasts about 1 minute. Surface loaded weld fume particulate is removed from the filter and safely deposited in the storage/disposal drawer.
Filter Pressure Gauge
A front panel Filter Pressure Gauge is easy to read with color coded graphics. The gauge indicates when pressure drop increases and the filter needs to be replaced(SWX-D) or cleaned(SWX-S). Note: On self-cleaning model, the filter gauge and cleaning control are mounted on a remoted control box for easy access.

Not Included

  • Primary Power Wiring
  • Personal Protective Equipment



Flux Cored (FCAW)
Stick (SMAW)

General Specifications

Title FILTAIR® SWX, Disposable Filter, 3-4.5 ft. Telescoping Arm
Warranty 1 Years
Miller's True Blue Warranty