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FILTAIR® 12000 460 V, 30 HP

The Industrial Centralized Series are custom engineered solutions designed for multiple capture sources which require ducting and accessories to complete the system.

12000 30HP

6000 10HP

4000 15HP Inlet

4000 10HP

6000 15HP

6000 15HP

8000 20HP


Miller FilTek XL Filter Technology
Miller FilTek XL Filter Technology is specifically designed for welding fumes. Miller filters outlast, out-filter, and outperform all the rest. Has longer filter life - up to 2 times that of treated cellulous filters. Superior filtering of up to 95% of weld fume particulates. FilTek XL's surface loading filters vs. competitors depth loading filters gives Miller filters advantages that benefit you: Easier and more complete filter cleaning results in longer filter life. More efficient air flow thru the filter results in lower operating costs and stronger suction power for a cleaner work space. Video: See how it works >>
Up to 65% smaller size
Unlike any other in the industry, our design provides up to a 65% smaller footprint versus the traditional cartridge filter collector. Not only saving space but also providing a completely packaged system with unsurpassed performance.
Easy-Clean FilTek XL Filter
Surface-loaded filter technology allows for more effective weld fume pulse cleaning without penetration into the filter. This provides an easier filter cleaning process, while outlasting conventional cartridge filters.
Quieter operation
UP to 75% quieter than common cartridge style extractors.  FILTAIR 2000-12000 extrators utilize premium high efficiency motors and standard integrated silencer housing to reduce sound and make a safer, more productive work area. Note: Quietest operation is while filtering.  Pulse cleaning cycle has a higher noise level than filtering.
Smaller Size and Fewer Filters
One FilTek XL filter replaces up to three cartridge style filters increasing efficiency, reducing extractor size, and lowering operation costs.
Maintenance Free
Premium high-efficiency motor with direct drive blower eliminates bearings and belts and ensures vibration free operation.  Located in clean air maximized life.
Total Welding Solution
Providing the leading fume extractors, ducting, arms, automation hoods, accessories and industry knowledge, Miller provides the total fume extraction solution.



Flux Cored (FCAW)
Stick (SMAW)

General Specifications

Title FILTAIR® 12000 460 V, 30 HP
Warranty 2 Years
Miller's True Blue Warranty