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TIG Welding Aesthetics with the Dynasty 350

John Marcella of Marcella Manifolds discusses how he addresses weld aesthetics with the advanced capabilities of the Dynasty 350 AC/DC TIG inverter from Miller.

Adjusting AC Frequency on the Miller Dynasty for Improved TIG Welding Results

Learn how to adjust AC frequency to gain greater arc puddle control when TIG welding aluminum on Miller Maxstar or Dynasty TIG welders .

Adjusting AC Frequency to TIG Weld an Aluminum Cylinder Sleeve

Chris Razor of Hi-Tech Welding talks about welding dissimilar thicknesses of aluminum with the help of the Dynasty 350 and the adjustable AC frequency controls. TIG inverters like the Dynasty 350 give operators the ability to dial that in between 20 and 400 hertz. This controls the arc width and higher AC frequencies create a narrow, focused arc with significantly better directional control.

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