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Ron Covell Reviews the Dynasty 210 DX TIG Runner with Wireless Package

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Ron Covell, owner of Covell Creative Metalworking in Freedom, provides a product review on the Miller Dynasty 210 DX TIG Runner with Wireless Package.

Miller Electric Manufacturing Company recently released the Dynasty 210 DX TIG welder, the newest model in its class. I have been very eager to try out this machine, because I believe it hits the "sweet spot" of what many street rod shops and serious hobbyists will need; a full-featured machine with true industrial capabilities, in a compact, portable package. It has enough power to weld 1/4-inch-thick steel and aluminum in one pass, and the available number of adjustment of the welding parameters is remarkable.

I got the top-of-the-line model; the TIG Runner with wireless package, which comes with a wireless foot pedal, and a cart to hold the watercooler, the welder, and the argon bottle. The 210 machine is available with an air-cooled torch, which makes the machine more portable, but the watercooled torch is smaller, making it more maneuverable, and it stays cooler when welding at high amperages for long periods. I opted for the wireless foot control, which really makes the machine a delight to move around and set up. I've used the wireless foot control before, and it reacts instantly to small or large inputs, so it's hard to live without once you're accustomed to the convenience it offers.

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