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Preventive Maintenance Schedule Shortened for EnPak® A60 Work Truck Solutions

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The recommended engine oil change interval was shortened from 400 to 200 hours for Miller® EnPak A60 work truck solutions.

Preventive Maintenance Schedule Shortened for EnPak® A60 Work Truck Solutions

EnPak A60 on a work truck

Servicing work truck accessories

Your EnPak A60 does it all in many applications and environments. Make preventive maintenance part of your regular routine to maximize EnPak performance — and save yourself headache, downtime and repair costs.

The EnPak A60 factory-recommended engine oil change interval is now 200 hours, down from 400. This change helps ensure good performance and long product life — no matter what applications you encounter.

Shortened maintenance interval

Techs in all kinds of environments and applications use EnPak solutions. Often, a high percentage of the unit’s available power is used for long periods of time, which can cause the oil to break down sooner. Another factor that can contribute to this is using combination loads — such as using hydraulic and air or air and generator power at the same time. For example, a lube truck might use an EnPak A60 to provide pneumatic, hydraulic and generator power simultaneously for long periods.

These types of performance demands over an extended time can cause the engine oil to break down faster. To maintain maximum performance, the engine oil change interval was shortened to 200 hours. This applies to all EnPak A60 models.

Look in the owner’s manual or at the maintenance label under the unit’s hood for each model's recommendations.

Why should you change the oil more often?

When engine oil isn’t changed often enough, the oil breaks down and loses its lubrication qualities. This creates additional heat, which causes the oil to break down faster. Changing the oil within the recommended interval reduces this broken-down oil to help maintain maximum lubrication and heat reduction in the engine. It also removes dirt and grime from the engine more frequently.

Maintaining proper lubrication helps promote longer life of the bearings and other internal engine components. In addition, cleaner oil helps the engine run slightly cooler to further extend engine life.

On newer EnPak A60 models, the unit tracks the 200-hour oil maintenance schedule and displays an on-screen message when it’s time for service.

Compressor oil service

Service intervals for compressor oil follow a different schedule. Recommended compressor oil maintenance is 500 hours across all EnPak models.

In addition, Miller recommends a specific synthetic compressor oil for the EnPak product line. Not all rotary screw compressor oils are created equal. Substituting a lower-quality compressor oil can damage the compressor and cause serious problems — resulting in unplanned work outages.

Miller rotary screw compressor oil (stock #276620) is a synthetic blend specifically designed for use with the coalescing filters used in EnPak units. It offers a wide temperature range and rejects moisture quickly, reducing the chance of excessive moisture buildup. Too much moisture in the oil can create a paste-like substance that doesn’t properly lubricate the compressor and can wreak havoc in the system. Compressor oil kits from Miller include the recommended oil and factory filters for your convenience.

Pro tip: Be sure to run the compressor long enough to warm up the oil. Using the compressor for short bursts of air and then turning it off doesn’t allow the oil to warm up enough to reject moisture.

Proper EnPak maintenance

Keep up with recommended engine oil changes to help your EnPak engine run cooler. This promotes longer engine life and helps you maintain a higher level of performance.

To get the most from your investment, follow the service schedule for your EnPak and use the proper oil and filters for the unit.