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How to Create Skull Metal Wall Art

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Create this skull wall art using a plasma cutter and MIG welder with these step-by-step instructions from Barbie The Welder.

Plasma cutter project

3D skull wall art is a fun and easy plasma cutter project, perfect for Halloween or any time of the year!

To make this project, you will need steel, stainless steel or aluminum between 18 gauge and 11 gauge. The size of the material depends on the size of your project. Make sure you can cut your template out twice, with material left over to make the tabs.

Additionally, you’ll need the following tools: 

You will also need paint to finish your project. I used a light and dark color to make the wall art pop.

Find an image online and print it out or draw your own. Carefully cut the image out. This becomes your template. Take your template and trace it twice on your material. You’ll want to trace the entire template (including the eyes, nose and mouth) for the front of your project and just around the outside of the template for the back of the skull. Cut out with a plasma cutter.

Using your straight edge as a guide, cut out two tabs that are 2-inches wide by 2.5-inches long. These two pieces are your 3D tabs that will hold the two skulls apart at the top and the bottom. The bottom one will also create a shelf for you to put your candles on.

Use your grinder to smooth any rough edges and your wire brush to clean the surface of all pieces you cut out.

Draw a horizontal line at the top and bottom on the back piece of your project to use for a reference for the 3D tabs. The tabs should be positioned far enough in from the top and bottom so that there is approximately 1/4 inch to 1/2 inch of room on either side for your tack weld.

Hold the bottom 3D tab as close to 90 degrees as possible and tack weld either side. Check for 90 degrees with your square and gently tap it with a hammer to move it if necessary.

Tack weld the top 3D tab on the same way, checking that the tab is square to the piece.

Once complete, tack weld the top and bottom tabs to the front piece of your project, then fully weld each tab in place.

In the center of the back piece, 2-inches down from the top, hold the washer at a 45-degree angle and weld it on to create the hanger for your project.

Use a wire brush or wheel to clean any weld discoloration and a hammer and chisel to chip any weld spatter from your project.

Finish your project with paint (made for metal), and light it up with small candles.

About Barbie The Welder

Barbie the Welder headshot

Barbie The Welder is an American metal sculptor from Erin, NY who has inspired and taught thousands of people to weld art through her three books, YouTube channel and metal art welding kits. Barbie has designed and created sculptures for major corporations and exclusive clients in 15 countries. Visit to view her gallery or request a commission, and connect with Barbie The Welder on social media to see what she does next!

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