Fully Charged & Riding in Style

Fully Charged & Riding in Style

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Anaheim, California based, Marrs Cycles has introduced a new generation of its electric powered bicycles. The M2 is the newest offering from the company that hand-fabricates each of the cycles in its Orange County, California workshop. The M2 is lighter, sleeker and has a greater range than the original M1, but still retains the vintage motorcycle DNA that has made it a standout in the e-bike market.

Founder KC Marrs and business partner Brad Fanshaw own and operate Southern California-based Marrs Cycles. The locale inspires their vision, culture and American-made craftsmanship. In an era when many companies manufacture products overseas, Marrs Cycles takes pride in handcrafting electric bicycles just a few short miles from the famous Pacific Coast beaches. 

You may recall the name. Miller featured this shop back in 2013 when we highlighted their original model — an electric bicycle, featuring motorcycle-quality components, that can go up to 25 mph and starts at $7,500. Every part of the bicycle is hand-built with the highest quality tools, components and materials.  

While people quickly took notice and were calling Marrs Cycles for information, the price tag limited the ability of many to purchase one simply for enjoyment. In fact, many customers purchasing this model live overseas and use it as their sole source of transportation.

“Our fans loved our first model but wanted something that better fit their price range. So that was the challenge,” said Marrs. “Coming up with something that is still cool, pushes performance, is designed and handmade in Southern California — and stands behind our quality and our vision of the brand.”

With affordability in mind, Marrs saw an opportunity to bring this experience to a larger audience and incorporate the same styling and lifestyle into a new model of electric bicycles. The second generation, or M2, is available starting at $3,500.00 and still provides the ultimate cruising experience.

The most innovating and dynamic part of the Marrs M2 is its exclusive Marrs Modular Battery System (MMBS). The base model comes with a 48-volt, 20-amp hour battery, meaning that on flat ground and averaging 20 mph, the rider will get about 30 miles on a charge with no pedaling at all. The frame and battery box — both welded with Miller equipment — are designed to extend travel time with advanced battery options, if desired. What does this mean for riders? This bike is capable of holding not just one, but three, 48-volt, 20-amp hour batteries wired in parallel. With all three batteries, a rider can now travel 90 miles on a charge at 20 mph with no pedaling required.

To keep costs down but maintain style and functionality, only the most crucial components are custom made in house.

Where possible, the M2 features more practical and traditional components including the handle bars, front end and even an adjustable seat. Want some exercise or perhaps your battery died? Simply raise the seat and pedal. Looking for a more relaxing ride? Drop the seat, put your feet on the motorcycle floorboards and cruise. The Marrs M2 can be ordered with convenience parts such as a comfort saddle seat and floorboards that offer an easy riding position when not peddling.

The shop exclusively relies on Miller welding equipment for the fabrication of these electric bicycles, using a Diversion™ 180 TIG welder for the majority of welding and fabrication needs. Other products used include a Millermatic® 212 Auto-Set™ MIG welder, Spectrum® 375 X-TREME™ with XT 30 torch plasma cutter, 60 SX ArcStation™ workbench with accessories and a variety of Arc Armor® welding protection. Welsh Fabrication & Design is contracted to build the battery boxes and also relies on Miller equipment.

Watch the Miller equipment in action in these how-to videos. You’ll see how the frames are designed and assembled. Also watch as KC and his friends at Welsh Fabrication & Design weld up a battery box.  

Video: Welding up the Frame
Video: Welding up the Battery Box

Marrs Cycles was founded by KC Marrs in his Costa Mesa garage in 2000 with the idea to bridge the classic design and innovation of the American Motorcycle with an e-bike. Since 2000, the Marrs workshop has shipped hand-crafted bikes around the world. For additional information, visit www.marrscycles.com

Published: April 4, 2016
Updated: February 5, 2020