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Auto Fabricator Benefits From Ease of Use of Miller Welders

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Miller Electric Mfg. Co. donated two Millermatic® 210s, two Spectrum® 625s and 4 Miller welding helmets for use during filming of Full Throttle, a hit show on The History Channel.

Twin brothers Marc and Eric Kozeluh have been street and drag racing enthusiasts since growing up in Queens, N.Y. At 16, they completely rebuilt their first engine, a 350 horsepower, small block Chevy. Eventually, that led to working with Performance Factory NYC to design and build a 1995 Toyota Supra drag racer that dominated the East Coast import drag racing scene.

After gaining a measure of media notoriety in the New York area and enhancing their reputations as premier engine builders and parts fabricators, the Kozeluh twins decided to set out for California in 2002. They opened a shop in Signal Hill called Twins Turbo Motorsports, which specializes in building pro race cars and race-quality street cars. Marc and Eric design and build engines custom-tailored to specific racing requirements. They also fabricate every imaginable part, including exhaust and intake manifolds, pistons, connecting rods, intercooler plumbing, custom fuel systems and suspension parts.

Marc and Eric inspect part of an exhaust system TIG-welded with their Miller Syncrowave® 350 LX TIGRunner®.

Recently, the fabricators have gone "full throttle" with a hit television show on the History Channel. Miller Electric Mfg. Co. donated two Millermatic® 210s, two Spectrum® 625s and 4 Miller welding helmets for use during filming. Viewers will also notice Miller Electric banners and stools on the set. Full Throttle offers two teams the opportunity to turn classic cars that are in similar disrepair into smooth rides ready for the speedway. The teams are given all the tools of the trade and have 20 hours to get their speedsters in top shape. After an exhilarating drag race between the two cars, the winner drives away, keeping both cars while the loser has to walk home. However, the Twins Turbo team doesn't know the definition of losing.

The Kozeluh twins consider Miller a vital part of their team after using a Millermatic 210 with Spoolmate™ 3035 spool gun for MIG welding and a Syncrowave® 350 LX TIGRunner® for all applications on a 1993 Toyota Supra modified for drag and road racing. The 908-horsepower (formerly 260 horsepower) Supra made its debut at the Buttonwillow Raceway Park in Buttonwillow, Calif. With that success under their belt, the twins trusted Miller products to go full throttle for their new television show. To the twins it is even more important than ever to have welding equipment that provides quality welds and increases productivity.

Marc, who does the bulk of the welding, can't say enough good things about the Miller equipment. "There's no way we could do what we do here without our Miller welders," Marc says. "These machines are so convenient and so easy to work with. Especially for somebody like me, with no formal welding training, they're absolutely great."

Marc Kozeluh uses a Millermatic® 210 with Spoolmate™ 3035 spool gun to MIG-weld his Toyota Supra. He is wearing a Miller Electric auto-darkening helment.

Marc also points out, "Normally it takes three to four hours to TIG-weld an exhaust system together, but the Millermatic 210 provides such great performance that I switched and was able to MIG-weld the exhaust on the bench in about 45 minutes, which saved me a lot of time and allowed me to move on to other tasks." The Spoolmate 3035 is a highly reliable and economical spool gun that provides excellent feeding to weld aluminum.

As for the Syncrowave 350, Marc says, "That machine is like a Cadillac. I had an old Syncrowave 250 that I had been working with for the last four years. That machine was good, but when the new one showed up and I got it dialed, it was absolutely beautiful. We use the Syncrowave to fabricate parts from mild steel, stainless steel and aluminum. It lets us show off what we can do fabricating-wise and the kind of great, quality welds we can make with that machine."

Marc uses a Miller Syncrowave® 350 LX TIGRunner® to make high-quality, precision welds.

Marc has high praise for the Syncrowave 350's arc control that gives "massive penetration without having an extremely large surface weld." The Syncrowave's high quality, good-penetrating welds give him "the confidence that I've built a really strong structural piece that once I weld it permanently to the car, won't have failures that would force me to cut the whole thing off and start from scratch."

With Miller equipment in the driver's seat the twins can take their fabricating and engine building expertise full throttle and full speed ahead-straight to your television screen!

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