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An All-In-One Welder/Generator for Powering Jobsite Tools

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To meet any jobsite demand, contractors and service truck operators need a welder/generator to power tools and save space.
Bobcat 200 Air Pak Diesel on a jobsite
Bobcat 200 Air Pak Diesel on a jobsite

Bobcat™ 200 Air Pak™ saves space and weight

Contractors and service truck operators know that jobsite needs can vary from day to day, so it’s important to have a wide variety of handheld tools available to get jobs done quickly. In a single day, you may use an impact wrench, a drill, fluid pump and saw. Versatility is the name of the game.

For many operators, there may be other pressing priorities, as well. These might include completing jobs faster to meet demanding timelines, reducing maintenance costs, or lowering the wear and tear on your service truck.

So how can an engine-driven power source help you efficiently use the necessary tools, while also saving you time and money?

An all-in-one engine-driven solution delivers the versatility to power many tools to tackle whatever tasks you encounter. These machines also help save space, in addition to reducing overall costs and maintenance needs.

Adding an all-in-one engine-driven machine to your fleet delivers many benefits that help you stay competitive.

Meeting many challenges

Your goal is to complete jobs as quickly and efficiently as possible. Contractors and work truck operators don’t want to bring the entire shop to the jobsite, so it’s a matter of having the right tools on hand that provide versatility to get a wide range of jobs done.

Because tools are powered in various ways — electricity, compressed air or batteries — you need the ability for each option. And on some sites, a generator may be the only way to power tools if electricity is not yet available.

Having a separate generator and air compressor on a service truck to meet these needs means double the maintenance requirements — not to mention the additional space and weight on the truck.

Using an all-in-one solution saves space, weight and costs. Engine-driven options can meet a wide range of needs, offering an air compressor, generator power, battery charging/crank assist and welding — all in one compact machine.


The Bobcat 200 Air Pak from Miller Electric Mfg. LLC is an all-in-one payload-saving machine, delivering up to 30 cfm of compressed air — 20 cfm at idle — to power virtually any air tool used on a jobsite. It also has a 6,500-watt generator for 120/240-volt AC power needs, and provides up to 100 amps of DC power for 12/24-volt battery charging and up to 300 amps for crank assist. In addition, 210 amps of inverter-based weld power delivers a smooth, stable arc that is capable of MIG, DC TIG and stick welding. 

Space and weight savings

On service trucks, space and weight savings matter. Having one versatile machine that combines the capabilities of numerous other pieces of equipment results in a smaller footprint and frees up payload space — so work crews can bring more tools or service parts they need to the jobsite.

Replacing a separate air compressor and engine-driven welder/generator with a Bobcat 200 Air Pak Diesel can reduce a work truck’s weight by up to 550 pounds. Replacing an engine-driven air compressor and an engine-driven welder/generator with an all-in-one solution can reduce a truck’s weight by up to 400 pounds and increase available payload by up to 24 cubic feet.

Significant fuel savings

Another significant benefit for work trucks is the fuel savings offered by an all-in-one solution, since these machines can provide compressed air, electrical power and welding capabilities with truck’s engine turned off. You’re still completing jobs while the fuel savings add up quickly.

The ability to complete work with the truck’s engine turned off greatly reduces engine idle time. For diesel-powered work trucks that are compliant with the Environmental Protection Agency’s Tier 4 emissions standards, a significant reduction in idling time can yield big benefits. Tier 4 engines are not designed to constantly idle, so it’s an issue that can cause extensive maintenance and added costs.

The reduction in fuel costs, coupled with the reduction in wear/depreciation and engine repairs/maintenance, can total more than $50,000 over the average life of a truck. Reducing idle time can also extend truck life by several years.

Increased capabilities

Some jobsites may have an air compressor only or perhaps a welder/generator but no compressor.

Investing in an engine-driven solution that provides all these capabilities means you can do more than you are currently capable of. This helps you be more competitive and complete more jobs.

These machines can be used on a truck or moved around the worksite on a trailer, which offers great portability in applications that range from construction to farm and ranch.

Additional key features

When choosing an all-in-one engine-driven machine, there are some key features to consider that can help improve ease of use, efficiency and jobsite comfort.

  • Look for a machine that uses a rotary screw air compressor. This option is much quieter and more efficient than a reciprocating or piston compressor. A rotary-screw compressor also provides air faster, so you don’t have to wait for the air reservoir to charge up.
  • Auto-Speed™ technology from Miller automatically adjusts engine speed to match weld and battery charge demands — reducing fuel consumption, maintenance costs and noise for safer, more efficient jobsites. 
  • Some welder/generators also offer technology that lets them power tools with up to 2,400 watts of power at idle. This results in quieter operation and fuel savings when using tools.

One versatile solution

Jobsites are busy places. You need tools that offer versatility and reliability to complete a wide variety of jobs. Whether your key challenges are saving money, improving productivity, or making smarter equipment purchasing decisions, an all-in-one engine-driven solution can deliver results.

These machines provide space savings and the power to run tools with the truck engine turned off. They also help reduce the time and money spent on maintenance.

With the right equipment on your truck, you can meet your goals and be more competitive — for a positive impact on the bottom line.