Accu-Rated™ Peak Power, The New Standard For Welding Generators

Accu-Rated™ Peak Power, The New Standard For Welding Generators

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Miller Electric Mfg. Co. has developed the Accu-Rated™ peak power to help its consumers make informed decisions when purchasing engine-driven welding generators.

Miller understands that purchasing a welding generator can be a difficult task when you take into account all of the factors. In addition to considering cost and reliability, you need to make sure that the product you purchase can produce the needed wattage to run your most critical equipment. In an emergency situation, you'll need enough energy to run pumps, freezers, air conditioners and furnace fans to protect your home and your belongings. For everyday welding generator uses, you'll have to consider similar factors according to your welding, motor starting or tooling needs.

Because most motor-powered equipment draws four to six times its normal power when it is first turned on, it is important to check the equipments' running and starting wattage before purchasing it. To help you better consider these factors and to give you some honesty and clarity when comparing generator power, Miller created its Accu-Rated peak power, a new standard of testing for welding generators.

While many competitive generators boast 11,000 watts of starting power, according to Miller Electric product manager, John Leisner, that power generally refers to a short-duration peak or surge power that is not strong enough to start most motors or equipment. Miller's Accu-Rated power, however, is guaranteed to deliver 11,000 watts of useable peak power for a minimum of 30 seconds. That power is ideal for maximum generator loads such as motor starting, plasma cutting and running Millermatic MIG welders. The Accu-Rated peak power is also well suited for running inverter power sources such as the CST™ 250, Dynasty™ 200 or the Maxstar® series among others says Leisner.

In terms of motor starting, Leisner also notes that the Accu-Rated peak power not only performs better, but it also helps lessen the wear on your equipment. "If you don't have enough power available to support your motor starting, you're eventually going to damage your equipment," he says. "The Accu-rated power available can give your tools and equipment a lot longer life because it going to deliver more starting power for a longer period of time."

Miller developed Accu-Rated peak power because they wanted an accurate, not inflated, standard of measuring generator power. As Leisner explains, "Our distributors demand a quality product from us and our customers have very high expectations of Miller's equipment. We wanted to be certain that we could deliver a good quality product with honest features to them. That's why our Accu-rated standard guarantees delivery of all the power the machine promises."

Updated: September 26, 2015
Published: July 1, 2007