Technical Drawings | MillerWelds
For use by integrators planning installation setup.

(Note: To view the SolidWorks files below, you must first save the STEP file to your computer by right-clicking the icon and "save target as". eDrawings Viewer must be installed on your PC.)

EnPak Drawings

     907759 EnPak A30 GBW Diesel
       907772 EnPak A30 GBW Gas
       301510 EnPak A30 Diesel Remote Panel
   301511 EnPak A30 Remote Panel, Aux Power
   301512 EnPak Remote Panel, Chg & Weld
   301537 EnPak A30 Gas Remote Panel
        907815 EnPak A60 GBHW
       288666 EnPak A60 GBHW Remote Panel
   301562 EnPak A60 Remote Panel, Aux Power
   301602 EnPak A60 Remote Panel, Weld
   301603 EnPak A60 Remote Panel, Battery Charge
     289114 Hydraulic Reservoir


Bobcat/Trailblazer/Bluestar Drawings

     Bobcat/Trailblazer 325 (Gas), 40.5" Base
     Bobcat/Trailblazer (Diesel), 45.4" Base
     Bobcat/Trailblazer (Diesel) 52" Base
       907771 Bobcat 200 Air Pak Gas
       907760 Bobcat 200 Air Pak Diesel
     Trailblazer 302 Air Pak (Gas)
   907664 Blue Star 185

Big Blue Drawings

   907732 Big Blue 400 Pro, 400 PipePro
   907736 Big Blue 500 & Above (Standard Spec)
   907752001 Big Blue 500 & Above (Truck Mount Spec)