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Miller is committed to continuous development of its welding information management systems. Here is where you'll find the latest information and updates about our family of product solutions.


Robot welding part secured in fixture, inside a Miller PerformArc® pre-engineered cell

How to Drive Improvement with an Existing Welding Power Source Fleet

Utilizing external weld monitoring solutions allows companies to gain insight into quality and productivity metrics on any brand of power source, old or new, so they can drive continuous improvements in their welding operation.
Improve productivity with welding information management

Turning Welding Data into Dollars

A welding information management solution can measure and track performance metrics to improve productivity and quality — making an overall positive impact on your bottom line. Accurate, real-time data collection and analysis can provide a benchmark for measuring the impact of improvements, and the right technology helps you turn that data into dollars.
team industries fabrication shop

Team Industries Stays on the Cutting Edge with Miller Equipment to Go Above and Beyond for Customers

Team Industries, a leader in pipe fabrication, relies on the latest innovations in pipe welding equipment from Miller for productivity gains and improved welder training. With three locations in Wisconsin and Texas, the fabrication company uses the Miller® PipeWorx 400 welding system in conjunction with the Insight™ Pipe and Vessel welding intelligence solution and the ProHeat™ 35 induction heating system.


Miller Insight Pipe and Vessel Tracks Weld Data for Improved Quality and Productivity

Team Industries uses Miller® Insight™ Pipe welding intelligence solution in conjunction with the PipeWorx 400.

Insight Pipe and Vessel Solution from Miller Tracks Weld Data, Improves Productivity

As part of our Welding Intelligence™ solutions, Miller has expanded its welding information management software to the PipeWorx 400 Welding System.

Insight Welding Intelligence™ Drives Continuous Improvements

Miller-exclusive Insight Welding Intelligence solutions transform data into actionable information.

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