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Insight ArcAgent™


Premium Welding Intelligence solutions for any brand of welding power source, designed to integrate with Insight Centerpoint.

  • ArcAgent solutions offer welding information options from simple low cost weld counters to high-end arc data monitoring solutions and weld monitoring equipment.
  • Monitor any brand/type/vintage of welding power source.





Basic Arc-On Time

Manual Welding


Professional Procedure Qualification

How It Works

  • External sensors collect information about your welding operation. Sensors include: voltage, amperage, wire feed speed, gas flow, travel speed and temperature.
  • ArcAgent provides immediate feedback to the welding operator to prevent parts with missing or defective welds from leaving the welding station.
  • Pair ArcAgent with Insight Centerpoint to expand the capabilities of monitoring your welding operation.

Typical Manual Welding Installation

Typical Automation Welding Installation

Compatible Products