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"Understanding Induction Heating — ProHeat 35" CD-ROM

This free interactive CD-ROM provides a comprehensive explanation of induction heating. The presentation is beneficial for determining when to apply induction heating to industrial applications and is a valuable training tool for supervisors and operators.

Codes & Procedures — Detailed explanation of typical heating processes - preheat, interpass temperature control, hydrogen bake-out and stress relieving.

Introduction to Induction Heating — Explanation of the induction heating process, typical equipment and comparison to alternative heating processes.

Safety — Important safety information on induction heating.

ProHeat 35 — Comprehensive explanation of the ProHeat 35 Induction power source and system accessories. Subjects include set-up of equipment, applying equipment to air-cooled and liquid-cooled applications, programming and real time operation.

Resources — Basic definitions and descriptions, forms, ProHeat 35 simulator, Time-to-Temperature calculators, coil set-up, owner’s manual links and printing charts from the data recorder.


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