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Miller ProHeat Induction Heating Power Source Overview

Miller Induction Heating - How it Works

Easily Achieve Targeted Preheat Temperatures on Moving Parts using Induction Heating from Miller

The Miller ProHeat™ rolling inductor heating system is a simple and cost-effective heating process.


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Think Induction Heating Is Only for Pipe Welding? Think Again.

To help dispel the notion that induction can be used only for pipe welding, this article discusses some key best practices to help operations achieve success when using induction heating in flat plate applications.
Induction heating in pipeline welding

Quality Is Critical in Transmission Pipeline Welding — and Induction Heating Can Help

Transmission pipeline welding often requires preheating of the weld zone to ensure that the joint achieves its required strength and hardness, and to help minimize the risk of delayed hydrogen-induced cracking. While there are several heating methods available, induction is a method that offers numerous benefits for weld quality, efficiency and safety not found with other heating methods. Induction provides greater consistency in heating and eliminates a potential hydrogen source that is a byproduct of open-flame heating.
Induction Heating in Pipeline Welding Applications

Debunking Four Common Myths About Induction Heating In Welding Applications

This article discusses common myths regarding induction and provides information about how to overcome challenges operators may encounter in some applications.

Solutions for Gaining Production Efficiency in Pipe Welding

Evolving technologies provide opportunities to increase productivity and maximize efficiency in pipe welding operations. These solutions include more productive advanced welding processes, filler metals formulated to better meet specific needs and welding equipment designed for ease of use and improved productivity.

Weld Data Monitoring Solutions Help Pipe Shops Drive Improvements

Focusing on equipment, process and consumables solutions that offer ease of use, enhanced productivity and improved performance can help address the labor and timeline challenges facing many pipe welding operations today. Adapting to new technologies and processes can separate the profitable from the unprofitable. These advancements help companies address critical industry challenges such as the shortage of skilled welders, shorter project turnaround times and the need to increase quality standards.

New Preheating Technology for Rolled Pipe in Fabrication Shops

The majority of pipe welds completed in fabrication shops are rolled, and it's easy to understand why. Rotating pipe while welding provides many benefits, including ease of achieving quality welds by eliminating out-of-position welding; reduced welding operator fatigue; and improved productivity from higher wire feed speeds and increased deposition rates.