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The Miller® EnPak® A28GBW

Only One All-In-One
Stands Alone

EnPak® A28GBW

Turn off your truck. Turn on your EnPak.

The EnPak A28GBW offers an improved experience for any of the work truck configurations below.



Compared to a work truck with a PTO-driven air compressor and an engine-driven welder/generator on board, an EnPak A28 can reduce weight and meet work crew needs for compressed air, electrical power and welding capabilities — all while the work truck’s engine is turned off, reducing fuel costs and truck maintenance.


A work truck with an engine-driven welder/generator on board and an engine-driven air compressor in its payload area has less room for other important tools. An all-in-one EnPak A28 can increase available payload so work crews can bring everything they need to the jobsite.


If a work truck has an all-in-one machine with reliability issues, output limitations or it just doesn’t look professional, replacing it with an EnPak A28 can deliver reliability, performance and a premium appearance.


If a work truck only carries an air compressor, work crews may not have all the capabilities they need. The EnPak A28 supplies compressed air, generates AC/DC power and can even stick weld.

One Solution Can Do It All

28 cfm compressed air

The EnPak A28’s industrial rotary-screw air compressor outperforms and outlasts reciprocating designs. It instantly delivers 28 cfm of continuous air output, even in cold weather.

Electric power

The 5,500-watt generator delivers 120V and 240V power to run jobsite tools and lights — and even operate truck-mounted electric-hydraulic cranes.

Battery charge/crank assist

The EnPak A28 delivers up to 100 amps of DC power for 12V and 24V battery charging and up to 300 amps for crank assist.

Stick welding capability

With its 210-amp stick welder, the EnPak A28 is ready to help work crews increase productivity and minimize downtime.

Lower Operating Expenses

Reduces fuel consumption

The EnPak A28 uses an efficient gasoline engine to drive its air compressor, generator and stick welder. Compared to large work truck engines, EnPak uses far less fuel to do the same amount of work.

Minimizes operating costs

Equipping a work truck with an EnPak A28 can decrease truck engine idling by up to 75 percent, reducing fuel costs and minimizing expensive engine repairs and maintenance. For a Tier-4 diesel work truck, that idling time reduction can save more than $50,000 over a 10-year period.

Work Smarter With EnPak

Maximizes available payload

Compared to a work truck with a PTO-driven air compressor and an engine-driven welder/generator, the EnPak A28 cuts weight by up to 550 pounds and increases available payload by up to 24 cubic feet — so trucks can carry the equipment needed to get jobs done.

Legendary Miller reliability

Compared to other all-in-one work truck products, the design and engineering of the EnPak A28 is superior. It’s ruggedly built and rigorously tested to deliver the exceptional reliability and performance you expect from an industry leader.

Easier and safer to use

Operators can easily access the EnPak A28 from its simple, user-friendly remote panel, shown at right. There’s no need to climb into the truck bed, which saves time and reduces the risk of injury.

Clean, professional appearance

The EnPak A28’s interior components are concealed within a durable, precision-engineered enclosure, so work trucks present a professional image.

Easy-starting power

With industry-exclusive E-Choke™ technology, EnPak A28 starts easily in any weather. Its powerful engine allows simultaneous use of the air compressor with any other feature.

eChoke is a trademark of Kohler Co.



Miller EnPak A28GBW is All-in-One Work Truck Solution that Stands Alone

Miller® EnPak® A28GBW is the industry-leading work truck power solution that provides more capabilities for service technicians while reducing expenses.

Remote Panel Makes EnPak A28GBW Easier and Safer to Use

The EnPak® A28GBW work truck power solution features a remote panel, so truck operators don’t need to climb into the truck bed.

EnPak A28GBW Includes 210-Amp Stick Welder for field repairs

With a 210-amp stick welder, the EnPak® A28GBW can easily handle metal repairs in the field.