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AccuLock™ S MIG Gun Consumables: Get More Productivity

Load and lock AccuLock S consumables to minimize welding problems for more productivity. Save time and cut costs: AccuLock S consumables are easy to install, last longer — and you can use their contact tips on all Bernard® semi-automatic and Tregaskiss® fixed automatic and robotic MIG guns.

AccuLock S consumables are replacing Centerfire™ consumables — and will be included with Bernard BTB MIG guns packaged with Miller® equipment — because they deliver more of the advantages you want.

Illustration of a spliced open AccuLock S contact tip to see the inner workings

  1. Coarse thread speeds tip replacement

  2. 60% of tip buried in diffuser away from heat

  3. Contact tip tail cooled by shielding gas

  4. Diffuser locks and aligns liner with contact tip for flawless wire-feeding path

  5. Steel retaining ring on diffuser keeps threaded nozzle in place during use/cleaning

  6. Tapers lock consumables for excellent electrical conductivity

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Explore the Benefits of AccuLock™ S Consumables

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Fewer welding problems

They’re solved by locking and concentrically aligning the MIG gun liner with the power pin and contact tip, no fasteners needed.
  • Error-proof, no-measuring liner replacement: Just cut the liner flush with the back of the power pin for an obstruction-free path.
  • No gaps in the wire-feed path: Locking the liner at the front and back of the gun prevents them.
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Saves time, cuts costs

No more complicated inventories of different MIG welding contact tips that cause installation errors. Use AccuLock S contact tips across all your Bernard semi-automatic and Tregaskiss fixed automatic and robotic MIG guns. Inventories are smaller and welders can accurately replace contact tips faster — improving productivity and profitability.
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Easier to install

Complicated MIG gun consumables increase downtime, make improper installation more likely and cause weld quality problems. AccuLock S consumables are easy to install, maximizing the productivity and weld quality you need.
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Long contact tip life

Contact tips requiring frequent replacement add downtime and increase costs. AccuLock contact tips have design advantages to protect them from heat for longer life:
  • Shielding gas cools the contact tip tail and 60% of the tip is in the MIG gas diffuser away from damaging high temperatures.
  • The tapered design of AccuLock diffusers and contact tips tightly locks them together for excellent electrical conductivity, resulting in longer tip life.

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