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Adjustable Bar Shelf

by Joshua Bruce
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    I got a bunch of 1/4\" steel plate water jetted out in the shapes and sizes I had draw up, got 2\" rough cut oak wood, built some bars with nuts welded on to bolt the top and bottom shelf together while allowing the middle shelf to move freely through some roller bearings, welded the pieces of plate together for the middle shelf, welded the big bottom shelf plates together, welded two S.S. acme nuts to a correct i.d. chunk of pipe for acme rod to spin through, found an old machinist hand wheel, welded on a S.S. acme nut to it, then welded the acme rod to the nut, welded a S.S. shaft to acme rod, found appropriate support bearings, bolted it all together, finished the metal with grinding, wire wheel and scotchbrite,then cleared it. Beat the wood all up to give it a nice used and abused patina, finished the wood with a dark stain. All welds where done with (Miller Diversion 180 TIG, which has been stolen from me, along with every other welding tool I had, mig, chop saw etc..) I\'m 23, I build/design many different things, furniture, art pieces, auto/cycle stuff, industrial things, I weld by trade, TIG weld s.s. pipe at work, all other projects at night or freetime. Welding and metal fab is my passion, it is what I was put on earth to do. I am a TWS graduate. I take pride in my work, and do it as good as possible. Eventually I hope to get my own shop going, get me another Miller TIG/Stick, and MIG welding machines, and all other welding tools I had stolen from me. Well hope you all enjoy this, and good luck to everyone! Burn and Earn!!!