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34 Ford 5 Window Coupe, 97 Cavalier

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    I worked in a body shop and worked on projects in my garage. I rebuilt a 34 Ford Coupe that I bought a Miller 210 model for. I welded in hidden hinges and a full roll cage in. I also welded a 4 link suspension on it also. I also rebuilt a 97 Cavalier for my son. I did rust repair and installed a bodykit and did custom paint on it. 4yrs ago I got hit in a side impact 4 car accident that herniated 3 discs and pinched a nerve in my neck. While I was still rehabbing I was on my way to the doctor stopped at a red light when a guy rear ended my car at 55mph. I went to the hospital and had another herniated discs in my mid back and a concussion that has left me with memory, speech and migraine headaches. I haven\'t worked in 4yrs. Money has been tight and I have had to sell all my tools including my Miller 210 welder. I loved that welder! Now I\'m seeing a specialist that is going to inject cortisone into my neck and back. He believes this will lessen my headaches and pain. I won\'t be able to work full-time but I hope to be able to start back slowly working in my garage part-time. I don\'t have the money to buy tools and equipment for my garage we have been scratching by. I hope you pick me to win a welder. Thank you for taking the time to read this.