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Welding Instructors

Teaching the next generation of welders.


Setting up your Miller AugmentedArc Augmented Reality Welding System

The AugmentedArc welding training system, from Miller Electric Mfg. Co., combines the efficiency and economy of classroom education with the effectiveness of hands of welding experience. Watch this video for step-by-step instructions on how to set up your AugmentedArc system.

Use OSHA’s Hierarchy of Controls to Guide Your Weld Fume Management Solutions

Protecting yourself from fume is important and Miller Electric Mfg. Co. offers a variety of solutions from process change and fume capture to training options and respirators. Use OSHA's Hierarchy of Controls to guide your weld fume management decisions on everything from process modification and engineering controls to work practice controls and personal protective equipment.

Getting the Full Benefits of Miller ArcReach Technology

When weld operators spend less time walking and more time welding, that’s a big productivity benefit — and it lowers the chances of slips, trips and falls, too. This is what ArcReach® technology is designed to do. Learn how to use ArcReach equipment and take full advantage of its powerful technology on the jobsite.