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Semitrailers, Carriers and Emergency Vehicles

Welding for the transportation industry requires strength and quality as these components take a heavy beating on the road. There's also a wide variety of assemblies and production methods that require operational flexibility, including switching from aluminum to other metals. That's why Miller offers MIG and TIG systems that ensure the functionality and appearance of the vehicles on our highways.

Product Overview

Invision™ MPa Plus MIG System

  • Invision 352 MPa Plus power source
  • D-74 MPa Plus dual wire feeder
  • XR-Aluma-Pro™ Plus gun

System features and benefits:
  • Increase wire feeding consistency to improve productivity with advanced push-pull wire feeding technology.
  • Achieve the "stacked dime" appearance of a TIG weld and MIG production speeds with Miller's Profile Pulse™ technology.
  • Can reduce or eliminate porosity and inclusions in the weld with easy-to- use start and crater functions.
  • Quickly switch from aluminum to other alloys with a dual wire feeder.
  • Easy to use/prevent burn through and distortion: one-knob synergic welding control sets the correct Pulse parameters based on the wire feed speed set by the operator; allows the operator to adjust to varying joint profiles or material thicknesses.
  • Extend welding range for large trailers and assemblies with Miller's Alumination™ technology for reliable, dependable and consistent wire feeding over longer distances.

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Dynasty® 350 TIG System

  • Dynasty 350 power source
System features and benefits:
  • Capable of welding a wide variety of thicknesses and types of aluminum, ranging from thin sheet to pipe.
  • Ensures an excellent finish through reduced spatter, cleanup and distortion.
  • Easily join thick materials to thin materials while ensuring proper penetration and not blowing through the thin section.
  • Joining hangers and brackets to the superstructure is simplified with advanced AC TIG controls that ensure optimum quality and aesthetics with a smooth finish.
  • Address changing geometries, varying joint fit-ups and inconsistencies with remote amperage control.

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