Aluminum Systems


Military, Pleasure and Commercial Ships

Aluminum is increasingly specified on ships of all sizes because it makes them lighter without sacrificing strength and functionality. This makes them faster, saves on fuel and provides ships with the corrosion resistance benefits of aluminum — but it also presents numerous welding challenges. Whether your operation requires fast production speeds (hull construction) or intricate detail work (aluminum pipe and fittings), Miller has the right solution.

Product Overview

AlumaFeed® Synergic MIG System

  • AlumaPower™ 350 MPa power source
  • XR-AlumaFeed® wire feeder
  • XR-Aluma-Pro™ gun

System features and benefits:
  • Portable wire feeder ideal for going up stairs, through portholes or mounting on booms to reach every corner of the work area.
  • Achieve the stacked dime appearance of TIG with the production speeds of MIG thanks to Miller's Profile Pulse™ technology.
  • Easy to use/reduces burn through and distortion: One-knob synergic welding control sets the correct Pulse parameters based on the wire feed speed set by the operator; allows the operator to adjust to varying joint profiles or material thicknesses.
  • Ensure proper fusion at the beginning of the weld, thanks to Hot Start technology.
  • Long, linear welds easily performed, thanks to interface with semi- automatic welding systems/positioners.
  • Further simplify operation with built-in Pulsed MIG programs designed for most commonly use aluminum alloys.