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Hobart® Filler Metals

Your Source for Quality Filler Metal

Having the right aluminum filler metal is the best complement to a dedicated aluminum welding system. From helping to improve weld quality to increasing productivity and reducing costs, quality aluminum filler metals can mean the difference between downtime for rework and getting the job done right the first time — every time. Hobart® aluminum wires and cut lengths offer the consistency and the performance you need.

Hobart® Aluminum Filler Metals:

  • MaxalMig wire
  • MaxalTig cut lengths

Features and benefits:
  • Outstanding feedability to minimize issues with birdnesting and extend consumable life
  • Superior arc stability and arc starts for quality welds
  • Minimal burnback to reduce downtime and costs for contact tip changeover
  • X-ray weld quality for critical applications
  • Less need for oscillation to help reduce operator fatigue
  • Consistent wire diameters for consistent results
  • Extreme cleanliness that exceeds the AWS porosity standard and reduces rework