Aluminum Systems


Cars, Trucks, Automotive Accessories

Manufacturing for the automotive market requires repeatable, high-quality welds for all subassemblies and assemblies. Available for MIG and TIG, Miller Automation features an integrated welding power supply inside the robot controller that delivers precise arc starts and stops, reduces the amount of rework and secondary operations, and ultimately increases productivity.

Product Overview

TAWERS™ MIG Automation System

System features and benefits:
  • Lift start results in precise arc ignition, eliminating costly wire burn-back that destroys the tip.
  • Retract start reverses the wire the moment it touches the part, avoiding bird nesting.
  • As the robot transitions from thin to thick sections, spiral weaving adjusts the amount of heat input for better weld control.
  • Robot controls let the weld ramp up and down without moving the robot, providing either a back-stepped crater or the perfect button at the end.
  • Synchronized low pulse produces an ideal bead appearance.
  • Servo Push-Pull feeding systems on robots provide the precision and performance necessary for successful aluminum welding.