ArcReach Smart Feeder w/Gas Flow Meter

ArcReach Smart Feeder w/Gas Flow Meter



What's Included

  • Inlet guide and drive rolls, .035" V / .045" VK
RMD and Pulsed MIG
Smart Feeder delivers excellent RMD and Pulsed MIG welding up to 200 feet away from the power source with no control cables, twice the distance previously possible. RMD and Pulsed MIG processes also help reduce weld failures and eliminate backing gas on some stainless and chromoly applications.
Durable design reduces downtime
Impact-resistance case and the elimination of feeder control cables provide a solid solution to last in harsh environments.
Synergic processes
RMD and Pulsed MIG welding permits procedures with one wire and one gas to eliminate process switch-over time.
Easy process changeover
Simply connect the FieldPro Smart Feeder to your leads and you are ready to go. All controls automatically shift to the FieldPro Smart Feeder.

Not Included

  • Weld leads
  • MIG gun



Flux Cored (FCAW)

General Specifications

Title ArcReach Smart Feeder w/Gas Flow Meter
Portability Handle(s)
Net Width 18 in
Net Height 13 in
Net Length 21.5 in
Net Weight 50 lbs
Warranty 3 Years
Miller's True Blue Warranty