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FieldPro Feeder Gas Flow Meter Kit



Set volts and wire feed speed remotely
The simple interface on the feeder allows operators to adjust parameters at the point of use with no control cables.
Easy process changeover
Simply connect the FieldPro feeder to your weld lead and you are ready to go. The power source automatically switches settings to run conventional wire processes.
Easy solution for traditional wire process
Add the Flux-Cored capability of the PipeWorx 350 FieldPro for fill and cap passes for increased productivity.
Durable design reduces downtime
Impact-resistant case and the elimination of feeder control cables provides a solid solution to last in harsh environments.
Point of Use Adjustment
Feeder mounted for point of use gas flow adjustments.
Quick Installation
Installs in five minutes with basic hand tools.


General Specifications

Title Fieldpro Feeder