Next generation communication to improve weld performance and allow point-of-use controls to be located at the feeder.
Cable Management
In-boom cable routing organizes hoses and cables for a cleaner work environment
Maximize Work Area
Counterbalance design makes it easy to position boom and 360-degree rotation and 60-degree lift angle maximizes work area.
Easy to use
EZ-Set simplifies parameter setup based on material thickness, removing complexity and reducing welder training time.
Legacy meets pulse
Pulsed MIG-capable Deltaweld with Intellx Pro feeder provides a 28-percent wider operating window and a more forgiving arc, compensating for variations in operator technique. Welders of any skill level can get into production quicker. Make your move.
Multiple Configurations
Single and dual wire models with 12 or 16 foot booms are sized to accommodate a variety of weld cell layouts
AccuLock S Consumables
AccuLock can transform the way businesses manage their MIG welding gun consumables – helping to optimize productivity, operating costs, and welder confidence. Less tip changes, less troubleshooting, and more beads worth bragging about!   Learn More



Flux Cored (FCAW)

General Specifications

Title Intellx™ Elite 12' Single Swingarc
Warranty Miller's True Blue Warranty

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